Rebeca Andrade Parents: Father Ricardo Andrade & Mother Rosa

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The Brazilian gymnast Rebeca Andrade was born to parents Ricardo Andrade and Rosa Santos, but they separated when she was very young.

After the separation of her parents, the World Champion was raised by her single mother and seven siblings.

Even though she is not very close with her father, she always credits her success and fame to both her parents.

The World Champion Rebeca Andrade
The World Champion Rebeca Andrade (Source: Instagram)

Rebeca Andrade is a Brazilian artistic gymnast who gained international recognition for her impressive performances in gymnastics.

She began her gymnastics training at a young age, showcasing great promise in the sport.

Popularly known for her excellence in artistic gymnastics, Rebeca showcased her incredible skills in gymnastics competitions, both in her home country and around the world.

She made history at the 2020/2021 Tokyo Olympics as the first Brazilian woman to win a gymnastics Olympic medal.

Moreover, Rebeca won the silver medal in the women’s vault event and also earned a bronze medal in the women’s all-around competition.

Throughout her career, she has faced injuries and setbacks, including multiple knee injuries. Yet, her determination and resilience powered her comeback and success.

In May 2022, Andrade excelled at the Trophy Brazil, securing gold on uneven bars and silver on the balance beam.

Rebeca Andrade Parents: Father Ricardo Andrade & Mother Rosa

Rebeca Andrade was born in Brazil on May 8, 1999, to her parents, Ricardo Andrade and Rosa Santos.

The dazzling gymnastics sensation holds a deep and lasting bond with both her father and mother. 

In a recent episode of Faustão Na Band, Rebeca shared her journey to stardom and her close bond with her dad.

Rebeca Andrade With Her Mother Rosa Santos
Rebeca Andrade With Her Mother Rosa Santos (Source: Instagram)

In a candid moment, Rebeca discussed how her career created distance within her family, especially with her less sports-involved father.

Despite physical and emotional distances, Rebeca’s heart remains deeply connected to her family and her origins.

She expressed,

“My father is my father, and he will never stop being my father. I love him very much, and I have enormous affection and very good memories with him. But as I left home very early, living together – not only with him, but with my mother and my brothers too – it became more distant.”

Her words echoed with the depth of a young woman who has had to navigate the complexities of fame and separation from her loved ones.

During a touching moment on the show, Rebeca shared how she began her gymnastics journey at age 10, leaving her family’s embrace.

Her most difficult challenge on the road to stardom was growing up far from the familiar faces who’d always supported her. 

With an air of nostalgia, she shared,

“It was very difficult because the distance is painful. My family was always very present, but my father didn’t follow this part of the sport as closely because he wasn’t that close. That’s why I talk more about my mother and my brothers; they were more involved in my beginnings.” 

Rebeca’s strength from separation fueled her unique path to greatness. Despite past challenges, her smile shines bright when she thinks of her family.

“I am very grateful for my parents and the family I have, even with all the difficulties we have gone through. I think that’s part of it,” she concluded.

Despite the physical distance, her bond with her parents remains steadfast, mirroring her commitment to excel in gymnastics.

Rebeca Andrade Leads Brazil To The Paris 2024 Olympic Games

The World and Olympic gymnastics champion, Rebeca Andrade, led her national team towards the 2024 Paris Olympics at the 2023 Gymnastics Championships.

Although she couldn’t see the ranking due to her glasses, Brazil earned the third position, bringing them closer to securing a spot in the Paris Olympics.

Rebeca Andrade Leads Brazil To The Paris 2024 Olympics
Rebeca Andrade Leads Brazil To The Paris 2024 Olympics (Source: Instagram)

Andrade joked about her eyesight, but her exceptional performance spoke volumes.

On October 4, 2023, Brazil eyes its first World team medal with Andrade’s impressive scores ranking her among the world’s top gymnasts, including Simone Biles.

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