Renato Moicano Net Worth 2024: Salary, Contract & Career Earning

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Brazilian MMA fighter Renato Moicano signed with the UFC in 2014 and has managed to amass a substantial net worth in his tenure at the promotion.

With an experienced MMA career of over 20 fights, Renato is one of the most recognizable faces in the game.

This has led to significant career earnings and major brand deals that have skyrocketed his overall net worth.

Renato Moicano Joined The UFC In 2014
Renato Moicano Joined The UFC In 2014 (Source:

Renato Moicano, a Brazilian MMA fighter, competes in the lightweight division of the UFC.

Joining the company in 2014, he has made a significant impact in the nine years since.

With a record of 17 wins and 5 losses, he has also collected significant earnings throughout his tenure with the promotion.

Renato Moicano Net Worth 2024

To uncover his overall net worth, first, one needs to understand the pay structure in the UFC.

UFC athletes earn their income mainly from participating in fights and receiving compensation for each match.

Typically, these fighters enter into contractual agreements specifying a fixed payment for each match, committing to a specific number of fights within the Octagon.

Moreover, their popularity and recent performance influence the compensation that fighters receive.

Regarding Renato, his fight earnings have gradually increased as he has climbed up the UFC ladder in the lightweight division.

One of his first UFC paychecks was a modest $16,000 in a 2014 win against Tom Niinimaki.

Renato Has Over 20 Fights In The UFC
Renato Has Over 20 Fights In The UFC (Source: X)

However, as his experience and fan base grew, the purse started getting bigger and bigger.

Renato collected his first significant payout of $107,000 in UFC 227, winning against Cub Swanson.

Similarly, he collected checks of over $110,000 in his recent bouts against Jai Herbert and Alexander Hernandez.

Notably, his biggest UFC earning came in his most recent fight against Brad Riddell in UFC 281. Winning the match by submission, he collected $220,000 that night.

His View On Earnings And Money

Unlike some celebrities, Renato remains grounded and understands the importance of money.

In an honest interview in 2022, he stated that collecting a significant paycheck is his top priority when he enters fights.

Moreover, he would talk about how hard life has become due to the rising inflation, especially in the U.S.

“I’ve changed my mindset related to what’s at stake in fights. Every fight has the same importance in the sense that I go there to win to get two checks. That’s what I’m focused on, going there and winning the show and winning money.”

The ‘two-checks’ remark is regarding the UFC pay structure, rewarding fight winners double money for a victory.

With hundreds of fighters on the UFC roster, the competition is cut-throat. While the glamorous life of stars like Conor McGregor may sway one’s thinking, most UFC fighters are still underpaid.

“I’m living in the United States and we’re feeling the inflation. Everything is more expensive, so I’m very worried about money.”

What Is Renato Moicano Overall Net Worth?

Apart from his fight earnings, Renato has sponsorship deals with well-known companies like Hotsuit and SmartStop.

Renato Also Has Sponsorship Deals With Major Companies
Renato Also Has Sponsorship Deals With Major Companies (Source: Marca)

We estimate the UFC fighter Renato Moicano’s net worth at around $2 million. A large fragment of this value is accredited to his UFC fight-night paychecks.

As his popularity and experience in the UFC grows, the paychecks will be even bigger, and his overall net worth is expected to rise in the coming years.

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