Who Is MMA Guru? Real Name, Age And Wikipedia

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One of the most prominent figures in MMA, The MMA Guru, recently talked about his real name and its origins on a stream.

There is no question that MMA Guru divides opinion in the mixed-martial-arts scene.

Behind the scenes of his commentary career, there’s a captivating personal story that adds depth and richness to his life.

The MMA Guru
The MMA Guru (Source: YouTube)

The MMA Guru, a British YouTuber and MMA commentator, has over 140,000 followers on his YouTube channel.

Known for his straightforward approach and blunt reporting, he has won many admirers over the years.

In just six years, he has climbed the ladder and become one of the most well-known MMA content creators. 

MMA Guru Real Name

Going by his stage name, The MMA Guru, he doesn’t use his real name.

However, in a 2022 stream, he did reveal one of his middle names. Along with that, he also went on to explain the reasons for having the peculiar name.

Explaining his grandfather’s Welsh roots, he said that his middle name was ‘Caio’. Additionally, he would go on to add that the name holds significance in the Welsh language.

Furthermore, he revealed that it is the name that his parents and extended family used to call him.

In the said stream, fans were confused about whether the spelling was ‘Kyle’. However, MMA Guru cleared it up, explaining that the spelling was ‘Caio’.

MMA Guru Is From The UK
MMA Guru Is From The UK (Source: YouTube)

Hence, the name not only has importance in the Welsh roots, but it also holds meaning as it is the name given to him by his grandfather.

His full name remains a mystery, with only his middle name unveiled, adding an enigmatic touch to his public persona.

As his fan base grows, it becomes increasingly fascinating to speculate whether he’ll eventually share his full name.

More On His Age, Wikipedia

Maintaining a sense of privacy, MMA Guru has not publicly shared information about his age. However, of the information he has shared, he comes from the United Kingdom.

Regarding his biography, he has been active in the YouTube scene since 2017. Since then, his YouTube channel has amassed 140,000 subscribers and a considerable viewership.

Renowned for sharing MMA recaps and offering predictions for upcoming matches, he has become a notable figure in the online MMA community.

MMA Guru Is A Controversial Figure
MMA Guru Is A Controversial Figure (Source: YouTube)

The thing about him that endears him to his admirers is his honesty and bluntness in his analysis.

He doesn’t try to sugarcoat anything and tells everything as he sees it. On the contrary, this personality has also made him one of the most controversial faces in MMA.

In a brutal takedown, UFC legend Michael Bisping once criticized MMA Guru heavily.

“MMA Guru is just a short, fat, little, miserable hater on everyone, and that’s about it.”

However, in his six years of commentary and fight analysis, he has always maintained a sense of originality.

His MMA content is a breath of fresh air to fans tired of watching mainstream media analysis, which can be uneventful.

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