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Rhett Lowder’s parents, Anthony and Annette Lowder, have stayed distant from the public limelight. They are parents to Rhett and his two older brothers.

Lowder was introduced to the sport by his brothers, Luke and Will. The three brothers every sport possible, and by the time he was 16, Rhett realized baseball had taken over his life. 

Rhett Lowder Pictured During His Time With Wake Forest University In 2023
Rhett Lowder Pictured During His Time With Wake Forest University In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Born and raised in North Carolina, Rhett is the former right-hander pitcher of Wake Forest University and won several accolades earlier this year.

Lowder won the ACC Male Athlete of the Year and became the only second pitcher in ACC history to win back-to-back ACC Pitcher of the Year awards. 

In the 2023 MLB Draft, Rhett was the seventh overall pick and was selected by Cincinnati Reds. Paul Skenes was the first overall pick, followed by his former teammate Dylan Crews

Rhett Lowder Parents, Anthony, And Annette Lowder

Rhett Lowder’s parents, Anthony and Annette Lowder, raised three boys in North Carolina. 

His mom, Annette Lowder, is a former Elementary Education Teacher at Stanly County Schools. She graduated from Wingate University, and though she is available on Facebook, Annette’s last shared post was in 2022.

Rhett Lowder Pictured With His Parents, Anthony, And Annette Lowder In 2019 After Committing With Wake Forest University
Rhett Lowder Pictured With His Parents, Anthony, And Annette Lowder, In 2019 After Committing To Wake Forest University (Source: Instagram)

His father, Anthony, has kept himself away from the public limelight. He has an Instagram handle, but he has kept it private.

Anthony is available on Twitter, and most of the tweets of the proud dad are related to his son’s success with Wake Forest. From sharing Rhett’s clips of his interaction with fans to articles about him, Anthony has done a pretty good job promoting his son. 

Rhett Lowder Brothers, Luke, And Will 

Rhett Lowder’s brothers, Luke and Will, were the ones to introduce him to baseball. 

The two older brothers and their youngest brother were seasonal athletes and would just about participate in every sport possible. 

But unlike their youngest brother, Luke, and Will didn’t take sports seriously; they both loved the arts field.

If you have ever seen paintings and sketches of Rhett on social media, then it was his brother Will who inspired him to take up arts. Like any young brother, he just did what his brother was doing. 

Luke Lowder Is The Owner of Pint Night Pictures 

Luke Lowder graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a degree in Film Directing in 2019. 

While studying in North Carolina, Luke was a Screenplay Intern for Austin Film Festival for three months. He then established Pint Night Pictures, a collective and independent production company, in 2019. 

From L To R: Luke, Rhett, And Will Pictured At Rhett's Graduation Program In 2020
From L To R: Luke, Rhett, And Will Pictured At Rhett’s Graduation Program In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

Luke opened Pint Night Pictures with two of his friends, Navarre Megali and Riley Fitchpatrick. The filmmaker has shared a short history of how Pint Night came to be on their website

In 2020, Luke also began working part-time for Legacy Content as a production coordinator and video director.

The older brother of Rhett Lowder is currently working on an upcoming feature film written and directed by him called The Grand Strand. 

Will Lowder Is Pursuing Masters In Houston 

The Lowder family’s middle child, Will Lowder, graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in English and comparative literature.

Before earning his degree in 2019, Will was a Duke University Talent Identification Program residential counselor. He then joined UNC Student Television as an executive producer up until 2020.

Will joined Workman Publishing and began working as an editorial intern at Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. Last year, Will enrolled at the University of Houston to earn a degree in fiction and will graduate in 2025. 

Will Pictured In His Graduation Ceremony At The University of North Carolina In 2021
Will Pictured In His Graduation Ceremony At The University of North Carolina In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

On his website, Will has talked about his passion for writing and painting. He has kept a few of his drawings on display and also shared that in 2017, he received the Stanly County Arts Guild Scholarship.

Luke and Will in their Instagram stories, shared the news of Rhett becoming the seventh overall draft pick for the Cincinnati Reds.

There’s no doubt they are proud of how far their little brother has come since the first day they taught him how to play baseball.

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