Richard Sherman Kids: Son Rayden Sherman & Daughter Avery Sherman

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Richard Sherman and his wife Ashley share two kids: Rayden Sherman (son) & Avery Sherman (daughter).

Their journey began with years of dating, culminating in a beautiful union in 2018.

The couple exchanged vows in a ceremony held at the Hard Rock Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Richard Sherman With His Wife And Kids - Rayden Sherman (son) & Avery Sherman (daughter)
Richard Sherman With His Wife And Kids – Rayden Sherman (son) & Avery Sherman (daughter) (Source: Instagram)

Richard Sherman, a retired American football cornerback, boasts an illustrious 11-season career in the NFL.

Honing his skills at Stanford, Sherman initially started as a wide receiver before transitioning to cornerback during his junior years.

The Seattle Seahawks recognized his talent, drafting him in the 2011 NFL Draft (fifth round).

Sherman’s remarkable career is punctuated by five Pro Bowl selections and five All-Pro distinctions, three of which were first-team honors.

In a standout performance in 2013, he led the NFL in interceptions, a season that culminated in the Seattle Seahawks securing their first Super Bowl victory.

Richard Sherman Kids: His Journey Into Parenthood

The arrival of two kids, Rayden and Avery, has brought new happiness and love into Sherman and Moss’ lives.

Rayden Sherman, the couple’s firstborn, entered the world on February 5, 2015, just four days after Sherman competed in the memorable Super Bowl XLIX against the New England Patriots.

Sherman took to social media to share the news, playfully noting the timing—his son’s birth on 2/5/15, matching his No. 25 jersey.

In a tweet, he expressed his excitement, saying,

“My son sure does know how to make an entrance! Is it a coincidence or is he just that clever?! Either way, I’m ecstatic!”

There was a brief moment of concern that Sherman might miss the Super Bowl due to the birth, but young Rayden arrived just in time for his dad.

Wife Ashley Moss And Kids Rayden and Avery
Wife Ashley Moss And Kids Rayden and Avery (Source: Instagram)

Sherman reflected on the profound experience of becoming a father, stating,

“It’s someone that actually depends on you for everyday living. Everything they do is dependent on you and how you provide and how successful you are.”

A year later, the Sherman-Moss family welcomed their second bundle of joy, a beautiful baby girl named Avery.

Ashley Lillian Moss shared a heartwarming photo after Avery’s delivery on April 16, 2016.

Moss took to Instagram to announce the newest addition to their family, showcasing little Avery wearing an amethyst ring surrounded by diamonds.

It was a thoughtful gift from Sherman to Moss to celebrate their daughter’s birth.

Richard Sherman’s Alleged Baby Mama

In 2022, a wave of online speculation surrounded Richard Sherman.

Rumors began circulating about a supposed long-time mistress, Reina Westberg, who identified as a social media personality.

Westberg went so far as to assert that she shared a familial connection with Sherman, claiming they had a child named West.

In an Instagram post, she showcased pictures of their alleged son and publicly criticized Sherman, accusing him of neglecting his parental responsibilities.

Adding another layer to the unfolding drama, Westberg insisted that Sherman had promised to leave his wife for her.

Richard Sherman's Alleged Relationship With Reina Westberg
Richard Sherman’s Alleged Relationship With Reina Westberg (Source: Instagram)

In a bid to substantiate her claims, the social media influencer shared snippets of alleged conversations with Sherman’s wife, Ashley, discussing their supposed romantic involvement.

Westberg asserted that Ashley was aware of the situation and tacitly accepted the alleged affair as long as it remained discreet to preserve their public image as a “wholesome family.”

This revelation stirred curiosity among fans, prompting them to question the authenticity of the claims.

However, it later emerged that Russell Wilson’s name had been incorrectly thrown into the mix.

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