Ricky Carmichael Surgery And Illness Update: What Happened To Him?

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Motocross legend turned broadcaster Ricky Carmichael recently underwent surgery, missing the inaugural race of the 2024 Super Cross season.

Well-wishers and fans alike are concerned about his health after his recent Instagram post regarding his surgery.

With unrivaled success in motocross, Carmichael has forever etched his name in the history books.

Motocross Legend Ricky Carmichael
Motocross Legend Ricky Carmichael (Source: Vital MX)

Born on November 27, 1979, Ricky Carmichael is often recognized as the most successful rider in motocross.

Winning 15 Pro Motocross Championships in a career spanning almost a decade, his success was fascinating.

After achieving unparalleled accolades in motocross, Ricky also tried his hands in NASCAR Truck racing. However, this stint was not as successful as his previous one.

Ricky Carmichael Surgery

Ricky faced health issues that kept him out of TV for the start of the 2024 Motocross season. 

He clarified his absence on Instagram, stating that he was facing a blockage on his small intestine, which ultimately led to a night at the hospital.

Filming a video to update the fans, he mentioned the reason for the intestinal issue being “a scar tissue from the past.”

Fortunately, the blockage was cleared after consultation with medical experts, and surgery was required.

However, Ricky could not attend TV the following night due to the recommended rest period.

The ever-graceful former racer assured the fans that his broadcast colleagues would carry the show just fine without him and that they are “some of the best in the business.”

“Bummed, to say the least. I’ll miss everyone but know that my Broadcast teammates will have a great night without me. Normally you would have to wheel me into the booth or whatever line of work I’m in, but, I need to do what’s best for myself and teammates in this situation.”

Along with that, he also posted another video of him getting medical treatment before the surgery.

The video was hard to watch, to say the least, with Ricky reeling and panicking in pain.

In a funny remark, Ricky stated that the video wasn’t pleasant, but he still posted it for the fans’ entertainment.  

A Snap From Ricky's Recent Surgery
A Snap From Ricky’s Recent Surgery (Source: Instagram)

The Instagram post was full of comments from his fans and well-wishers, praying for his good health.

All in all, it is expected that Ricky will be back in the television booth doing what he loves most and commenting on races very soon.

Career And Controversies 

Dubbed as the “greatest of all time,” Ricky’s motocross career has not been short of controversies.

The fan rile-up after his move from Kawasaki to Honda in the early 2000s. This made Ricky the villain in the eyes of many motor racing fans.

Claiming he was a “traitor,” fans accused him of defecting from Kawasaki, a team that helped him rise through the ranks.

He was accused of succumbing to the deep pockets of Honda Racing and was even booed at multiple race events.

Ricky Riding For Honda
Ricky Riding For Honda (Source: Motocross Action Magazine)

Following that, there was also a tiny controversy in 2004 involving Ricky, Honda, and Suzuki.

This story involved Ricky hiding his severe knee injury from Honda and committing to ride for Suzuki in the following season without making his current team aware of his decision.

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