Ricky Pearsall Parents: Who Are Rick And Erin Pearsall?

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Ricky Pearsall sees his parents as his main form of motivation. The athlete considers himself fortunate to have their guidance throughout his life.

Young wide receiver Ricky Pearsall is one of the few talents on the top of the scouts’ list. He is making immense improvements in his game.

Furthermore, regarding his skills, Pearsall credits his parents, Rick and Erin Pearsall. The two have a significant influence on Ricky’s life and his success so far.

Gatos Wide Receiver Ricky Pearsall
Gatos Wide Receiver Ricky Pearsall (Source: Instagram)

Ricky Pearsall is a 23-year-old college athlete who plays for Florida. He is from Kansas City but grew up in Arizona and attended Corona del Sol High School.

During his high school days, Ricky was a three-star recruit and had offers from various colleges across the state. However, in the end, he decided to join Arizona State University.

Pearsall had a short but sweet display with the Sun Devils; as a starter, he made a fine impression. Nonetheless, he opted for a transfer and joined Florida State.

Despite an injury halting his start, the young talent has picked up on his form. With the 2023 season underway, Pearsall wants to make a solid impression this time.

Meet The Parents Of Ricky Pearsall

Ricky Pearsall is the son of Rick Sr. and Erin Pearsall. The couple divorced back in 2009 when Ricky was still only 9.

Furthermore, he is the only son among the four kids. Pearsall also has three sisters whom he holds very dearly.

Father Rick Pearsall

Ricky Pearsall Sr. is Ricky’s father, and he was also an athlete back in college. Rick played as a receiver for the Northern Arizona University. 

And for young Ricky, he was a father and his first coach. Rick started coaching his son at the young age of 3.

Ricky And His Father Rick Pearsall
Ricky And His Father Rick Pearsall (Source: The Athletic)

Furthermore, he molded his son so that he would excel in football one day. The results show that Ricky has made it to the college level.

He became a coach many athletes long for; when Ricky needed advice, he could easily talk to his father. In addition, Rick also analytically advised his son when needed.

Ricky said, “He has that experience, so when he’s hard on me, I trust him. I look at him as more than a father. I look at him as a coach as well.”

Ricky Is A Mama’s Boy

Although his father coached him, the wide receiver has a very special relationship with his mother, Erin.

After his parent’s divorce, Ricky stayed with his mother and three sisters. He saw his mother work hard to hold the family and took that as an inspiration for the future.

Erin was no less than Rick Sr.; she also disciplined Ricky to be physically fit. She was a regular gym-goer and maintained a strict diet.

Ricky And His Mother Erin
Ricky And His Mother Erin (Source: Orlando Sentinal)

Furthermore, Rick believes he derives most of his personal beliefs from his mother. Growing up around women made him more sincere and respectable.

Erin is Ricky’s biggest fan, so she rarely misses any of his games. Despite living a bit far away, she makes sure Ricky feels her presence.

Ricky feels equally grateful to his mother; he expressed, “I’m just really blessed to have a woman like her in my life.”


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