Riley Gaines Taking A Stand Against Trans Athlete In Women Sport Amid House Ban

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NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines is an American swimmer and activist who has praised the Republican sponsors of the “Ban Transgender Athletes In Girls’ Sports” bill.

Riley wanted to safeguard the integrity of women in sports as, according to her; it’s bizarre to make females compete against the biological males who identify as females in women’s sports.

During her on-campus speech titled “Protecting Women’s Sports” at  Turning Point USA Buffalo (TPUSA).

Riley Gaines
Riley Gaines (Source: Fox Sports)

Gaines called it a misconception that people think they’re banning trans athletes, and she doesn’t want anyone to be banned from sports as she genuinely believes sports are foundational.

Gaines argued that transgender athletes should participate in a “third category” and have separate locker rooms, among other views.

Riley Gaines Shares Personal Experience

Gaines started with her personal experiences and discussed her race against swimmer Lia Thomas, a transgender woman from UPenn. 

She expressed her awkwardness from the time when the authority made them use the same women’s locker room which made everybody uncomfortable.

Gaines also accused NCAA of “catering toward” Thomas after a tie for fifth place in the 200-meter freestyle at the 2022 NCAA Women’s Championships.

Riley During Her Speech
Riley During Her Speech (Source: Fox News)

Thomas was awarded a trophy for “photo purposes,” while Gains left the tournament empty-handed. 

Gain blamed Biden’s proposed Title IX changes, which made it illegal for schools to broadly ban transgender students from sports teams that align with their gender identity rather than their assigned sex at birth.

Gain calls herself a voice of reason and has also faced violence and a mob attack on April 7, 2023, at San Francisco State University for believing in the fair treatment of women in sports.

Riley Uses Serena Williams’s Opinion

Serena William was the best tennis player of all time in 2013 and stated that she preferred to play against women in her interview with David Letterman.

The all-time best female tennis player said, “The men are a lot faster, they serve harder, they hit harder, and it’s a completely different game.”

Gaines used her argument and told Fox News the entry of biological men into women’s sports “doesn’t work.”

With that, Gaines called on women and girls to boycott the trans athlete’s inclusion to spread awareness and ensure that the female category is only for biological females.

Gaines added, “We have to have girls who, when the whistle blows, don’t run or swim. They stand up on the block, and they don’t go.”

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