Is Rob Pelinka Jewish Or Christian? Lakers GM Religion And Ethnicity

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The Lakers GM, Rob Pelinka, is a devout Christian. Pelinka has talked about his faith in Christianity in many of his interviews. 

Pelinka began his career as a basketball player at Lake Forest High School before being appointed to the highest position in the game. He has previously served as a lawyer and a sports agent as well. 

Pelinka joined his current employer, Los Angeles Lakers, in 2017, alongside Magic Johnson, who took up the role of executive vice president. 

Rob Pelinka Pictured During A Lakers Game In 2023
Rob Pelinka Pictured During A Lakers Game In 2023 (Source: Twitter)

In January 2020, the Chicago-born and raised, Pelnika was promoted to vice president of basketball operations by the Lakers.

It was also the year the Lakers won their 17th Championship title. The LeBron James-led side defeated Miami Heats 4-2, bringing an end to the 10-year drought. 

With the Lakers emerging victorious against the current champions, Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals, Rob Pelinka couldn’t be more happier.

But it was shocking that the Lakers manager finished 11th in the Executive of The Year voting despite his team’s fabulous performance. 

Rob Pelinka Religion And Ethnicity

Rob Pelinka and his family are Christians and are associated with Mariners Church Community. 

In 2021, the GM of the Lakers had a conversation with Mariner Church, where he talked about the title win, his friendship with Kobe Bryant, and how his faith has shaped him into the person he is today. 

During the interview, Rob said he was at Mariners in service when he received the final text from Kobe. Kobe had asked him if he could help him find an internship for a girl on his daughter’s team.

It was a few minutes after the text Kobe and his daughter, with her teammates and family, passed away in a helicopter accident. 

Rob Pelinka Pictured With Longtime Friend Late Kobe Bryant During A Lakers Game
Rob Pelinka Pictured With Longtime Friend Late Kobe Bryant During A Lakers Game (Source: Twitter)

Pelinka said he used to have a conversation about faith and beliefs with Kobe. He also believed Kobe’s faith, led him to become a better human being. 

During the interview, Rob said his faith helps him to stay grounded. Rob said, “Every day, I approach the day as being an instrument in God’s hand.” 

During Game 5 of the 2023 NBA playoffs, as Heats beat the Lakers, Rob said he returned to the hotel that night asking God how could he have done this.

It was a cry for help from Rob, but later at night, as he prayed, the Lakers general manager said he was ready to trust God’s will as he knows what’s best for everyone. 

Talking about his ethnicity, Rob Pelinka is Caucasian and previously had been thrashed into controversy because of it.

In 2017, after he was appointed as the general manager, many believed Magic Johnson could’ve given an African-American man a chance rather than a white guy. 

Rob Pelinka Wife, Kristin, Is Also A Christian 

The Lakers general manager is not the only Christian in his family. 

His wife, Kristin, is also part of the Mariners Church Community and follows Christianity with all heart and soul. 

The couple tied the knot in September 2005, two months after being engaged. They share two kids, a son named Durham and a daughter named Emery. 

Kristin is a licensed pediatrician in California and comes from a family of doctors. 

Rob Pelinka And His Wife Kristin Pictured With Their Kids In 2013
Rob Pelinka And His Wife Kristin Pictured With Their Kids In 2013 (Source: Facebook)

In a conversation with a YouTube channel, Spears, Kristin said she wanted to become a doctor when she was 11. She added her faith also helped her to choose her profession. 

Kristin further said God allows her to partner with him and provide service to the people. He lets her be with people during their best moments and provides them emotional comfort at their worst. 

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