Robby Gordon Parents And Shocking Family Tragedy

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Robby Gordon was close to his father, Robert, and his late mother, Marlene. Robert later remarried Sharon, but tragically they also passed away. Their memories continue to inspire Robby as he races.

Robby Gordon has been through a traumatic experience when Orange police Lt. Fred Lopez informed him about his parent’s confirmed murder-suicide in 2016.

The cause of death of his father, Robert, also known as “Baja Bob,” 68, was due to a self-fired gunshot, whereas Sharon Gordon, 57, died of strangulation.

Robby Gordon Former Auto Racing Driver
Robby Gordon, Former Auto Racing Driver (Source: SCORE International)

As per the evidence, the crime scene, and the Autopsy, Robert first strangled his wife and then shot himself.

The racing community supported the Gordon family during this tragic time, as the Gordon family has always been part of racing.

Robby Gordon has established himself across various racing circuits, showcasing his NASCAR, IndyCar, Champ Car, and IROC skills.

He has succeeded in various racing disciplines and is known for his aggressive driving style.

Robby Gordon Parents Father Robert & Step Mother Sharon: Shocking Family Tragedy

His parents, Robert Gordon, and stepmother Sharon, were well-known in their quiet neighborhood, where they were regarded as friendly and involved neighbors.

Moreover, after his racing career, Robert started a horse feed business, regularly dropped hay off at neighbors’ homes, and interacted with everybody daily.

The tragedy came to light when Robby was worried about his father, Robert, when his father missed his doctor’s appointment.

Robby asked his father’s best friend, Jay Hooker, to visit his home, after which Jay found Robert and Sharon’s dead bodies in their home in Orange, California.

Robby Gordon & His Father Robby Gordon
Robby Gordon & His Father Robby Gordon (Source: ESPN)

Robert’s cause of death was a self-fired gunshot, while Sharon’s death resulted from strangulation.

Robby Gordon expressed deep sadness and disbelief, praising his father as a good man who taught him the passion for motorsports.

He also thanked the racing communities for their support and promised to speak further once the investigation concludes.

Robby Gordon Is From A Racer Family

Robby Gordon’s racing family heritage extends to his great-grandfather competing in Indy cars and his father and sisters racing, solidifying their deep connection to the sport.

He shared how, since a young age, his father, Robert, an off-road racer, taught him about racing.

Due to his father’s support, Robby stands among an elite group of only four drivers who competed in the prestigious Indianapolis 500 and the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 on the same day.

This select group includes John Andretti, Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, and Robby Gordon.

Moreover, in the 1999 Indy 500, he came remarkably close to victory but unfortunately ran out of fuel in the closing laps, narrowly missing out on a win.

Sister Of Robby Gordon
Sister Of Robby Gordon, Beccy Gordon (Source: Gadsden Times)

The daughters of Robert “Baja Bob” Gordon, Beccy Gordon, and Robyn have formed an all-female off-road race team, All-American Girl Racing.

In 2006, AAGR was the first all-girl team to complete the challenging Baja 1000 race.

Further, they also celebrated two victories that season, showcasing their skill and determination in off-road racing.

Moreover, Beccy married race car driver Ryan Hunter-Reay, who won the Indianapolis 500 in 2014.

During the tragic discovery of Beccy Gordon’s parents’ bodies, her husband, Ryan, shared heartfelt photos of their newborn on Facebook, celebrating the joyous arrival in 2013.

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