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Rose Gertrude Namajunas is the full name of an American mixed martial artist. Recently, she signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to compete in the women’s strawweight division. Rose Namajunas is also a former UFC Women’s strawweight champion. Similarly, she is #1 in the UFC women’s strawweight rankings and #4 in the UFC women’s pound-for-pound rankings.

Rose Namajunas inside the ring
Rose Namajunas inside the ring

Below, you can see 100 inspiring quotes that are really important to be on top.

“All I can control is myself and just keep having a positive attitude.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’m like a tree. My leaves might change color, but my roots are the same.”― Rose Namajunas

“You just keep a positive attitude no matter what comes in your way – challenges, roadblocks – don’t let it faze you, and you can overcome anything.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’m successful every day because I look in the mirror, and I’m happy with who I am.”― Rose Namajunas

“We need the villain sometimes. It makes for an interesting story.”― Rose Namajunas

“I have overcome some demons in my path.”― Rose Namajunas

“Your mind is just like your body. It’s a muscle you can train and get better at.”― Rose Namajunas

“When you want to be a fighter, you have to give it everything you got. MMA just became who I am because of the amount of work I was putting into my training. It all starts in the gym. The hours turn into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months; it’s like school – the more time you spend learning, the better you’ll be prepared for a test.”― Rose Namajunas

“It’s really nice to know that hard work does pay off.”― Rose Namajunas

10th of 100 Rose Namajunas Quotes

“Any mistakes that I make is an investment in my future.”― Rose Namajunas

“It’s pretty cool to be called a champion.”― Rose Namajunas

“I grew up with lots of anger, frustration, and violence in my heart.”― Rose Namajunas

“A lot of times, my best friend was my dog.”― Rose Namajunas

“All the scars on my body, all the bumps and bruises, all the muscles – that is a story of everything I have done. And it’s not just my story. My ancestors who came before me gave me this vessel to sculpt and mold.”― Rose Namajunas

“I thrive on chaos and difficult situations. I guess that’s who I am.”― Rose Namajunas

“Of course, fighting is one of the most emotional things that you can possibly do. You have to constantly deal with your emotions, especially myself. I have so many that that’s where I get my energy from. But it’s a matter of controlling them, and yeah, I just don’t let nothing affect me.”― Rose Namajunas

“Me being the best in the world, it doesn’t mean that much to me if I’m not a good person at the end of the day, if I’m not setting a good example for other people to be better to each other.”― Rose Namajunas

“Every fight is personal, but with myself.”― Rose Namajunas

“When they asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up, in kindergarten, I always said I wanted to be a farmer.”― Rose Namajunas

20th of 100 Rose Namajunas Quotes

“I wake up every morning trying to be a new, better person and version of myself. I never try and be the same thing. So that’s what’s going to be hard for girls to keep up with me, because I’m always ever-evolving my style.”― Rose Namajunas

“All my jabs, they’re all different. I have a million different jabs.”― Rose Namajunas

“I think there’s a lot of mental instability in this whole country.”― Rose Namajunas

“In order to survive, I created a certain type of aura about myself that I was the baddest chick walking down the street. Anytime somebody underestimates me, Thug Rose comes out.”― Rose Namajunas

“My dream is to be a farmer myself, but also to provide opportunities to others who don’t have the land or the resources, in order to grow food themselves and teach them how to do it.”― Rose Namajunas

“It takes a lot of courage in that cage no matter who you are.”― Rose Namajunas

“What’s the point of being the best in the world if you scratch and claw your way to the top, and you push everybody down instead of lifting everybody else up with you?”― Rose Namajunas

“I had to really create a positive atmosphere for myself, and that has to come from within.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’ve always been like, if society’s trying to push me in one direction, I always rebel against it, thinking, ‘Nope, I’m going to do the opposite, something that is not expected.’”― Rose Namajunas

“I think it’s important to inspire other people to try and do things that people discourage you to do.”― Rose Namajunas

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“There’s a lot around us that we can’t control, but my body, my mind, and my soul are pretty much the only things that I can.”― Rose Namajunas

“Some of the things I’ve had to overcome in my past, fighting helped me deal with a lot of struggles. Obstacles in life don’t make you a great fighter, but fighting – or, I should say, martial arts – helps you overcome your obstacles.”― Rose Namajunas

“I definitely get down on myself. I needed to work on my self-talk. The same way you do footwork drills and cardio training, I had to do self-talk training.”― Rose Namajunas

“I love my 303 ladies. We go hard here, you know – we’re fierce!”― Rose Namajunas

“Fighting helped me learn that I can’t let my emotions take over.”― Rose Namajunas

“I think that’s what makes me so great of a fighter. I’m crazy as hell. And fighting helps me with that.”― Rose Namajunas

“A big misconception is that women shouldn’t be in the UFC because we fight ‘like girls,’ but I think women have some of the most exciting fights.”― Rose Namajunas

Rose Namajunas being excited with an award
Rose Namajunas being excited with an award

“Mixed martial arts – there’s just been a lot of trash talking and things like that. People, I feel like, aren’t really being true to themselves or being honest. I don’t know, maybe that’s what they feel they need to do to entertain things.”― Rose Namajunas

“I live in a very nice neighborhood. There’s nothing that really goes on around here.”― Rose Namajunas

“All I can do is make sure I show up to fight, and then they have no choice but to pay me.”― Rose Namajunas

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“I used to fight with hate. There’s been a lot of aggression in my past growing up and stuff. That’s because I was hurt myself.”― Rose Namajunas

“My dad died, and he wasn’t in my life because he had schizophrenia, so it’s been something that my entire family has been fighting against since I can remember.”― Rose Namajunas

“There’s a process to everything. If you fast track or make shortcuts in any way, and you get too much of one thing, you’re just out of balance.”― Rose Namajunas

“Nobody’s the same. So, I think that people benefit in different things than others.”― Rose Namajunas

“I love to learn, and that’s the really cool thing about martial arts – you’re always learning new things.”― Rose Namajunas

“Wrestling and kickboxing, like martial arts, combine a handful of skills. They’re really an art form.”― Rose Namajunas

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“I want to be the most influential champion, in a positive light. I want to change the world.”― Rose Namajunas

“It’s great that mixed martial arts allow people to still be in touch with their animal side and duke it out in a cage, but I think it’s important: we’re still nurturing beings, and we should still have compassion for each other.”― Rose Namajunas

“I guess I’m crazy. If everything was easy-peasy and green lights all the time, it’d be kind of boring.”― Rose Namajunas

“There’s pros and cons to everything, and I choose to look at the positives.”― Rose Namajunas

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“I’m just a very impatient person. It’s always something that I’m working on, and just staying interested in the fight game is the biggest challenge for me. As long as I’m interested and I have an incentive to stay interested, then I’m unbeatable.”― Rose Namajunas

“I want to encourage people to be nicer to each other, to be nicer to themselves.”― Rose Namajunas

“We’re not just fighters, we’re entertainers.”― Rose Namajunas

“I feel like anything can be worked out; you just gotta talk through it as adults.”― Rose Namajunas

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“Martial arts is about honor and respect.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’m sick of all the hate and anger and stuff like that going on.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’ve got Pat ‘HD’ Barry in my corner.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’ve done taekwondo striking my entire life.”― Rose Namajunas

“That Dutch style of kickboxing, that’s great. That’s hard. It’s very intimidating to stand across from, but you know it’s very rhythmic on the beat. It’s just something: It looks scary, but it’s nothing to be scared of.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’m just here to show up and fight and then get my money and go home.”― Rose Namajunas

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“I’m more dramatic than other people are, or I just show it more. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I have a lot of passion.”― Rose Namajunas

“Oh, man – I don’t have just one favorite fighter, but I draw from many different aspects of each fighter. But I will say, just going back in the history of the UFC, just kind of trying to learn from each fighter, I’ve been looking at Brock Lesnar, all the things he did for the UFC back in the day, and his attitude and things like that.”― Rose Namajunas

“People think after the fight you get to sit around and relax and all that. But really, people come around and family and all that, so it’s a whole ‘nother responsibility you have to take care of.”― Rose Namajunas

“I think we have a great opportunity as fighters and athletes to be good role models. I’m by no means perfect, but I think we can try.”― Rose Namajunas

“To me, fighting is special because that’s what I enjoy to do. Every fight is a memory to me.”― Rose Namajunas

“Money and fame, it only makes you so happy. You gotta find other reasons to fight. I want a certain amount of money to do the things that I want to do.”― Rose Namajunas

“I respect my competition.”― Rose Namajunas

“I wanna fight the best.”― Rose Namajunas

“I feel like I can go all the way for the belt and hold it awhile.”― Rose Namajunas

“When I’m totally in tune with myself, and I’m flowing, it don’t matter who I’m fighting; that’s just a problem for anybody.”― Rose Namajunas

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“Sometimes when you push something or you force something too much, the progress doesn’t happen the way it should.”― Rose Namajunas

“People are gonna go up and down and people are gonna come in and out of this sport.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’m always trying to improve, and you can’t ever expect anything from me. You can always just expect me to be dangerous.”― Rose Namajunas

“When I force things, it just doesn’t go well.”― Rose Namajunas

“I don’t necessarily know about the rankings. I always like to look at it as, it’s the person with the belt, and it’s everybody else.”― Rose Namajunas

Rose Namajunas and Jessica Andrade inside the ring
Rose Namajunas and Jessica Andrade inside the ring

“Everybody’s one fight away from getting a title shot if they step in on short notice for somebody.”― Rose Namajunas

“That’s what I want to do when I finish fighting – build urban farms and learn how to become a farmer, because that’s what I wanted to be when I was a little girl.”― Rose Namajunas

“The learning curve, and the things that you have to adapt to on a daily basis in the UFC, is pretty crazy. It’s a huge burden for anybody to have: not just the fighting itself but learning how to deal with the other responsibilities.”― Rose Namajunas

“Fighting causes you to face life head on, because you could end up seriously getting hurt, and you could hurt somebody else. It causes both people to face the reality that we are fragile beings, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves in the process and punch each other in the face and have a good time.”― Rose Namajunas

“I was kind of a loner growing up.”― Rose Namajunas

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“I feel like we have a duty as fighters to try and be a better example.”― Rose Namajunas

“I come from a place of lots of turmoil.”― Rose Namajunas

“If I’m not fighting for a good reason, then your personal life starts to get messy, and it’s like, ‘What am I doing this for?’”― Rose Namajunas

“Always try to reinvent myself; never try to stay the same person, because that’s how people figure you out.”― Rose Namajunas

“2016 was really challenging for me. I don’t know what it was.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’ve always felt that I was a star. I always knew that I am a star.”― Rose Namajunas

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“I don’t think anybody is perfect.”― Rose Namajunas

“I think that I can speak in front of the camera. I think my fighting ability can speak for itself as well.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’m the all-around threat. I’ve got the look; I think I’ve got the whole package.”― Rose Namajunas

“There are so many variables that go into a fight, you shouldn’t waste your time worrying about the other fighters.”― Rose Namajunas

90th of 100 Rose Namajunas Quotes

“It’s all about me, no matter who I’m fighting.”― Rose Namajunas

“It’s hard to focus on a fight when your heart is broken and you’re not happy in your relationship, especially if that’s your coach. That’s like fighting without one leg.”― Rose Namajunas

“I’m glad I went through the ‘TUF’ experience.”― Rose Namajunas

“I learned that love is a much more sustainable energy to draw on than hate.”― Rose Namajunas

“I didn’t need the belt to validate me.”― Rose Namajunas

“I just wish there were a little more peace in the world.”― Rose Namajunas

“My hands look like my dad’s and my mom’s put together. She’s a piano player, he was an artist, and I use the creative qualities I got from them in my fighting. But I don’t just destroy with my hands; I also create: I cook and make art and garden.”― Rose Namajunas

“Being resourceful and creating is a big part of my Lithuanian culture. My grandfather is part of who I am, too. He was a professional wrestler. He had a very functional, very slick, long frame.”― Rose Namajunas

“Every fight is dangerous, no matter who you’re fighting, no matter what the story behind it is.”― Rose Namajunas

“From my perspective, if I say that I’m done, I would hope – and I trust – that my corner would throw in the towel for me.”― Rose Namajunas

“I love spoiling a party. I love it when someone is on a roll and just messin’ that up.”― Rose Namajunas

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