Roy Halladay Wife Brandy And Two Son: Remembering The Legendary Pitcher

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Roy Halladay’s wife, Brandy Halladay, was childhood friends with the baseball player. The couple was married for 19 years and shared two sons. 

For 19 years, Roy and Brandy shared a beautiful bond. It had its ups and downs, but were always each other’s rock. She supported him throughout his baseball career and even after it. 

Roy Halladay Pictured During His Toronto Blue Jays Days
Roy Halladay Pictured During His Toronto Blue Jays Days (Source: Instagram)

Roy couldn’t be there to watch his sons grow and follow in his footsteps, but he is certainly proud of them. The MLB and Toronto Blue Jays legend Roy lost his life after an airplane accident in 2017.

With Phillies, Halladay played for three seasons and in 2010, became one of 24 players to pitch a perfect game in MLB history. Halladay was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2019, with his wife and sons attending the ceremony. 

Roy Halladay Wife, Brandy Halladay 

Roy Halladay’s wife, Brandy Halladay, was one of the reasons why the pitcher didn’t retire from baseball at 23. It was Brandy who brought him back from the brink of quitting the sport.

The baseball couple lived in the same neighborhood when they were kids growing up. Brandy was best friends with Roy’s older sister, and their families were practicing Mormon. 

So, their first meeting was in church when Brandy was nine, and Roy was twelve. Brandy’s family moved out of the neighborhood but returned in 1997 when Roy was kick-starting his career.

Brandy Halladay Pictured With Her And Roy's Two Sons, Ryan(L) And Braden
Brandy Halladay Pictured With Her And Roy’s Two Sons, Ryan(L) And Braden (Source: Facebook)

Their first meeting as adults took place in a gym, and after a brief talk, Brandy made the first move and handed her number to the shy baseball player. It didn’t take much time to catch up on those lost years. 

The two tied the knot in 1998 and later became parents to two boys. In 2017, after his demise, Brandy delivered an emotional speech paying tribute to his lasting legacy. 

Two years later, after Roy was inducted into the Hall of Fame, Brandy was present along with their two sons to honor the former baseball star. 

She is available on Facebook and continuously shares posts of rescued animals. 

Brandy Was Against Roy For Flying Airplanes 

The eight-time All-Star, Roy Halladay, died in a tragic airplane accident. He was piloting the plane when it crashed in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Roy was a son of a former commercial pilot, so his love for aircraft was there since he was a kid. And as much as Roy loved flying, Brandy wasn’t a big fan. 

But with Roy’s insistence, Brandy let go of her fear of flying and slowly developed love for it. Though their marriage looked happy from the outside, in 2020, Brandy revealed the struggles they faced due to Roy’s chronic pain and use of drugs. 

Despite, the struggles in his twilight years, Roy will forever be remembered as a baseball legend. 

Roy Halladay Sons, Braden, And Ryan Halladay 

Roy Halladay had two sons with his wife, Brandy, Braden, and Ryan Halladay. The two boys had to lose their father at an early age, but have now followed in his footsteps. 

Both the boys played baseball at Calvary Christian, and Braden, like his father, is a pitcher for his team. 

Braden Halladay, born on August 14, 2000, was two times FHSAA and four times 4A State Champion with Calvary Christian. 

Braden(L) Pictured With His Mom, Brandy, And His Brother Ryan In 2022
Braden(L) Pictured With His Mom, Brandy, And His Brother Ryan In 2022 (Source: Facebook)

He began his collegiate career with Penn State and appeared in five games for them before transferring to Tallahassee Community College.

Earlier this year, Braden joined High Point University and played 24 games. He is available on Instagram with the username @bradenhalladay and has shared a cute picture of him as a kid with his father. 

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