Russell Wilson Weight Loss Journey: Diet And Workout Plan

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Russell Wilson weight loss journey has been a hot topic among football fans, which he credits to his diet and workout regime.

Russell Wilson plays quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL).

Wilson played football and baseball for NC State for three years before attending Wisconsin in 2011.

There, he did well in football, helped his team win a championship, and set a new record for passing. His team also got to play in a big game called the Rose Bowl in 2012.

The Seahawks selected Wilson in the 2012 NFL Draft as the 75th overall pick, where he played ten seasons. 

Russell Wilson During A Photoshoot (Source Instagram)
Russell Wilson During A Photoshoot (Source: Instagram)

Wilson matched Peyton Manning‘s record for throwing the most touchdowns in his first year and got an award. Wilson has been chosen for nine Pro Bowls teams and helped the Seahawks get to the Super Bowl twice.

Russell had an awe-inspiring life; perhaps being naturally skilled at something when he was born helped him become a superstar. He also worked hard and was committed to his craft.

Russell Wilson Weight Loss Journey

Russell Wilson has lost a lot of weight as he is seen leaner. Many sports enthusiasts are curious about it.

The football player lost around 20 pounds in eight months. Wilson needs to take care of his body and stay healthy very seriously because he is a famous athlete.

He follows a diet plan and works out regularly to ensure he stays healthy and can move quickly.

Russell doesn’t eat junk food and eats healthy, natural food. Also, he exercises every day and every week and likes doing yoga.

The NFL star eats a lot of meals every day, about 8 or 9. He tries not to eat food that has gluten or dairy in it. He now eats more food and drinks a lot of water every day.

Wilson works out four times a week during the off-season. He does exercises for speed and strength on different days.

Moreover, he mixes up his workout by doing TRX and core exercises together. 

Russell Wilson: Early Life & Parents

Russell Wilson was born on November 29, 1988, in Cincinnati, Ohio, to Harrison Benjamin Wilson II and Tammy Wilson.

His father, Harrison, was a lawyer and played football for the San Diego Chargers in college.

His mother, Tammy, is a nurse director. He has an older brother Harrison Wilson IV and a younger sister, Anna Wilson.

Russell Wilson's Brother
The Wilson Siblings (Source: Instagram)

Wilson’s family is very talented in many areas, like sports and education. His great-grandfather was enslaved but got freed long ago was a man that believed strongly in education and ensured his kids were educated correctly.

Wilson’s grandpa played basketball and football at Kentucky State University, and then he was the president of Norfolk University for more than 20 years.

His maternal grandfather, A.B. Jackson, is a famous painter. Jackson used different things to make art, like paints, colored sticks, and other materials.

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