Who is Russell Wilson’s Mother? Family & Charity

Russell Carrington Wilson is among the most reputed names in the American National Football League (NLF).

Wilson has also recently been listed as one of the NFL’s highest-paid athletes and one of the most celebrated names. One of Russell Wilson‘s most prominent supporters is his mother, Tammy Wilson.

The athlete was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 29, 1988. They were second basemen for the Tri-City Dust Devils in 2010 and the Asheville Tourists in 2011.

Likewise, he was a superb athlete who played baseball for North Carolina State University and the minor leagues for the Tri-City Dust Devils in 2010 and the Asheville Tourists in 2011.

Who is Russell Wilson's Mother?
Russell Wilson with his Mother

“A mother is a walking miracle,” and in this article below, we will acknowledge how Russell Wilson’s mother has been a miracle to his life and the journey he has crafted to date.

Tammy Wilson: Quick Facts

Full NameTammy Wilson
Birth DateNovember 4, 1959
Birth PlaceUnited States
NicknameNot Known
EducationNot known
ProfessionNurse consultant
Father’s NameNot Known
Mother’s NameNot Known
HusbandHarrison Benjamin Wilson III
  • Harrison Wilson IV – Eldest Child
  • Russell Wilson – Middle child
  • Anna Wilson – Youngest Child
Daughter in Law
  • Ciara Wilson – Wife to Russell
  • Courtenay Wilson – Wife to Harrison
Father in LawA.B Jackson
Age63 years old
HeightNot Known
WeightNot Known
Eye colorNot Known
Hair ColorLight Brown
Pay range (salary)$55,000 to $211,000
Active years2004-present
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusWidow
Merch Russell Wilson Card, Autographed Items
Last UpdateNovember, 2022

Who is Russell Wilson’s Mother?

 Tammy Wilson, the mother of the sensational player Russell Wilson, is an emergency room nurse and has been associated with the field for ages. Russel’s mother is 61 years old and was born on November 4, 1959, A.D.

Tammy was married to Russell’s Father, Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, a football and baseball player at Dartmouth University.

Likewise, Harrison was among the few African American athletes in his high school. He initiated the first African fraternity in the University.

Tammy was living happily with her husband until his ultimate demise. Tammy’s husband and Russell’s Father died on June 9, 2010. He had diabetes that took his life at the age of 50s.

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Wilson Family

Tammy is a proud mother of one of the most celebrated athletes Russell Wilson. Harrison Wilson IV is Tammy’s elder son, Russell’s older brother, and Anna Wilson, his younger sister, grew up with him.

Russell’s early years were easy and comfortable since his parents could meet his basic requirements and give him a good education.

A.B. Jackson, Tammy’s father-in-law, was also a football player at Kentucky State University. He then became Norfolk University’s president, serving for more than two decades.

Who is Russell Wilson's Mother?
Russell with his mother and sister

Her spouse, Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, was also a sportsman who played football and baseball. Russell’s lineage carries the athletic gene.

Not only her in-law and husband, but even all her Children are in sports. Her elder son Harrison played football and baseball for the University of Richmond.

At the same time, Tammy’s daughter Anna plays basketball for Stanford, and Russell is a renowned athlete.

Tammy Wilson’s Son: Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is the middle child of Tammy Wilson and is one of the reputed athletes. This professional American football player began his career at the IMG Madden Football Academy.

During the 2012 NFL draft, he signed a lengthy four-year contract with the Seahawks for $2.99 million. Russell Wilson was named NFL Rookie of the Year in the same year after winning 11 of his first 12 games.

In July 2015, his deal was extended for four more years at $87.6 million, making him the NFL’s second-highest-paid player.

Who is Russell Wilson's mother?
Russell Wilson Posing with his trophy

Wilson signed a four-year, $140 million contract deal with the Seahawks on April 15, 2019, and got a $65 million signing bonus, making him the highest-paid player in the NFL.

This is the most costly contract in the history of the NFL. He will receive a guaranteed income of about $107 million under the terms of the arrangement.

Russell Wilson received several trophies and accolades during his NFL career as a quarterback, cementing his reputation as one of the finest quarterbacks in the game’s history.

Tammy Wilson’s Daughter in Law: Ciara

Ciara Wilson, Russell Wilson’s wife, is a well-known singer, dancer, and model. Her debut album was published in 2004 and signed by IMG, a modeling agency, in 2016. Her estimated net worth is $20 million, slightly less than half of her husband’s $42 million.

When Tammy first learned about her son’s relationship with Ciara and saw her picture, she felt familiar with her face. Tammy had seen a few of her documentaries of Ciara before knowing her son was dating her.

Who is Russell Wilson's Mother?
Russell Wilson with his Family

Tammy, when she got to know Ciara already had a son from her previous relationship, she had a few questions to ask his son.

She also alarmed Russell about giving his name to Ciara’s son and told him he should love Ciara’s son like his own.

Tammy Wilson’s relationship with Ciara

Tammy has always been open about her relationship with her daughter-in-law, which is undoubtedly beautiful. Tammy opened up her message to her son about her daughter-in-law and her ties in recent interviews.

Furthermore, in a podcast on “Raising Fame: Sports Edition,” which was hosted by Sonya and Dell Curry, she advised her son.

Tammy advised Russell to treat her daughter-in-law’s son from a previous relationship well. Ciara had a son before marrying Russell from her past relationship.

Similarly, Wilson’s mother advised her son to treat five-year-old Future Zahir Wilburn with all dignity and as his blood.

You can’t treat a kid any differently than your own if you’re going to be with someone who has a kid,” Tammy added.

Tammy shares an intimate relationship with her daughter-in-law and is very concerned about her and her first child, Future.

Apart from this, we can say Tammy is a very good person by heart with all the concerns she carries for her family.

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Russell Wilson’s Surprise to his mom

Recently, a viral video of the athlete surprising his mother went viral on social media. The viral video left everyone stunned.

On the occasion of mother’s day, Russell surprised his mom with a new elegant House. After being the NFL’s highest-paid player with a four-year contract of $140 million, the athlete surprised his mom. It seems like he was planning for his moment to happen for quite a long time.

With a contract like that, where he received 65$ million as a bonus, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback could go out and about for Mother’s Day in 2019. That’s precisely what he did.

Wilson also posted a video on his social media platform, Instagram, wishing his mom the happiest mother’s day. The video went viral among his fans, and Tammy was shocked to see the gift.

Tammy’s Reaction to the Surprise

Tammy sheds tears when she learns all her devoted son and family have done for her.

The athlete’s mother didn’t believe it at first sight and was shocked, and we can witness the reaction in the video. Anyone would be speechless receiving such a tremendous gift for Mother’s day, right?

Russell captioned the video, “All these years you have never asked me for anything… only thing you ever wanted is for me to LOVE. Well, thanks for loving us the way you do. This one’s for you. I love you, momma.”

It’s a lovely film, and the gesture encapsulates what all mothers mean to their appreciative sons and daughters worldwide.

Net Worth: Tammy Wilson

Russell Wilson’s mother, Tammy Wilson, is an expert in legal nursing. A nursing consultant’s pay ranges from $55,000 to 211,000.

Tammy’s son is a millionaire with a net worth of around $140 Million. Additionally, her daughter-in-law, Ciara, has a net worth of $20 Million.

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Charity Work

The Wilson family and Russell Wilson are involved with several charity organizations. In 2016, Russell gave $1,060,005 from his Why Not You Foundation to the Seattle Children’s Hospital for their Strong Against Cancer event.

In 2012, he founded the Russell Wilson Passing Academy, with revenues going to the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association.

Then, in 2013 and 2014, he collaborated with Russell Investments for the “Invest with Russell” Campaign, donating $3,000 to Wilson’s charitable organization for every touchdown.

By organizing an annual charity golf event in Washington, the player also helps charities, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of the United States and the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Russell Wilson’s mother influenced Russell through his humanitarian works and empathetic behavior.

Russell Wilson and Mother’s support for the COVID-19 crisis

Tammy is currently residing in Seattle. She is now helping to build three portable hospitals around the community in Seattle.

Likewise, the intent to open mobile hospitals came due to pandemics. The mom Wilson stated this is for people to check the coronavirus and everything else.

“Wilson states that this effort is nothing new for his mother, who usually ‘in the middle of the fire’ was working as an emergency department nurse when he was growing up.”

During the COVID-19 crisis, the six-time Pro Bowler Russell Wilson, and his wife, Grammy Award-winning musician Ciara, donated one million meals to Seattle residents in need. The renowned power couple was also part of the nationwide “Meals Up” Campaign.

“I didn’t have much as a child.” Wilson said, “I didn’t have much.”

“You know, my family was very nearly bankrupt at one time. So, you know, we weren’t able to accomplish anything. On the other hand, people could give back to us and serve in whatever way they could.

I believe that is why God put us on this planet: to give back, love, and care.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Russell Wilson’s mother do professionally?

Tammy Wilson, who worked as an emergency room nurse during Wilson’s childhood in Richmond, Virginia, is now in Seattle. The mother of Seattle’s quarterback, Russell Wilson, assists in establishing healthcare facilities to relieve the city’s overloaded hospitals.

 Is Tammy Wilson dating anyone right now?

No. After the demise of Russell’s Father due to his health circumstances on June 9Th, 2011, there is no news of Tammy’s new further relationships.

What race is Russell Wilson’s Mom?

The Seahawks Q.B. is of diverse mixed ethnicity. He holds both African-American and Native-American Heritage coming from both his parents. Tammy is a Christianity follower.

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