RVD Theme Song- Entering With Walk From Pantera At AEW Debut

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Rob Van Dam, AKA RVD’s entrance music is “One of a Kind” by an American rap rock band from Jacksonville, Florida, Limp Bizkit.

The song was released in 2001. It was produced by Limp Bizkit’s lead vocalist, Fred Durst, and DJ Lethal, and it features a rap verse by Rob Van Dam himself.

The song was chosen as Rob Van Dam’s entrance music during his time in WWE from 2001 to 2007.

It became one of the most recognizable entrance themes in professional wrestling at the time, known for its catchy guitar riff and chorus.

Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam (Source: IMDb)

The song’s lyrics also match Rob Van Dam‘s persona as a high-flying, risk-taking wrestler with lines like “I’m living proof with the gift of gab, The gift is a curse, but I can’t give it back.”

“One of a Kind” was included in Limp Bizkit’s album “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water,” which was released in 2000.

The song was later released as a single in 2002. And guess what the music video features Rob Van Dam and other WWE wrestlers.

RVD Theme Song- Entering With Walk From Pantera At AEW

During the August 2 episode of AEW Dynamite, the atmosphere was charged with nostalgia and excitement as FTW Champion Jack Perry, better known as Jungle Jack, issued a fiery challenge to the legendary Jerry Lynn.

The two had clashed the previous week, leaving fans eager to witness their anticipated showdown.

As the tension reached its peak, the arena lights dimmed, and the familiar riff of Pantera’s “Walk” filled the air.

Stepping out was the one and only Rob Van Dam making his AEW debut.

RVD sauntered down the ramp, his swagger as unmistakable as ever. He exuded the same charisma and charm that made him an ECW icon.

As he entered the ring, Jerry Lynn’s eyes locked onto his longtime friend and rival.

But before any words were exchanged, Jungle Jack, ever the opportunist, attempted a sneak attack from behind, brandishing a chair.

However, RVD’s instincts were as sharp as ever. With a twist, he turned the tables, disarming Jungle Jack and sending him retreating in surprise.

The crowd roared, witnessing a timeless display of Rob Van Dam’s signature agility and cunning. As Jungle Jack retreated through the audience, RVD stood in the center of the ring, a victorious smile on his face.

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