Sam Allison Referee Wikipedia: Age, Family & Net Worth

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While the contributions of Sam Allison in the world of soccer refereeing have been well-known, his Wikipedia will give you intricate insights into the journey of the referee.

In a historical event, Sam Allison will become the first Black referee in the Premier League for 15 years.

Later this month, Allison will take charge of Sheffield United’s home game against Luton on Boxing Day.

In this article, we delve into the Wikipedia page of referee Sam Allison, exploring aspects of his age, family life, net worth, and many more.

Referee Sam Allison: Wikipedia And Age

Sam Allison is a seasoned professional soccer referee currently officiating in the English Premier League (EPL). 

Sam Allison Was Promoted To EFL In 2020
Sam Allison Was Promoted To EFL In 2020 (Source: Facebook)

From his days as a player to his role as a referee, Allison’s journey is marked by versatility and dedication.

Born in Wiltshire, England, the 43-year-old referee’s career turned interesting as he transitioned from being a player and firefighter to donning the referee’s whistle.

The diverse experiences in his life have contributed to shaping his perspective on the game.

Sam Allison Family & Net Worth

Maintaining a low profile regarding personal matters, Sam Allison keeps details about his family life private.

Limited online information regarding his family, marital status, or whether he has children is available.

However, Allison is known as the cousin of former Jamaica midfielder Fitzroy Simpson. Simpson had spells at Swindon Town, Manchester City and Portsmouth.

Likewise, he shares familial ties with Wayne Allison, a former soccer player and current Coaching Director at The PGMOL.

Despite his successful playing career in non-league divisions and his current full-time refereeing position, concrete information about Sam Allison’s net worth remains undisclosed.

Playing Career

Born in Foundry Close, Melksham, Sam Allison began his soccer journey at Swindon Town’s School of Excellence.

The aspiring young player later ventured into clubs like Bristol City, Bournemouth, and Exeter City.

As per reports, he even earned appearances for England schoolboys and representing Great Britain.

Sam Allison Playing For Bath City
Sam Allison Playing For Bath City (Source: Facebook)

Allison eventually transitioned to the semi-professional game. He significantly contributed to clubs such as Bath City, Chippenham Town, and Salisbury City.

His semi-professional playing career spanned 225 matches with five different clubs, scoring 41 goals throughout the journey. 

He began his journey at Clevedon Town in the 2001-02 season and concluded with Frome Town in the 2012-13 season.

Also, he shifted from a forward to a midfielder role as his career progressed.

Sam Allison Referee Wikipedia: Transition To Refereeing

Although Sam Allison spent a considerable part of his career playing semi-professionally, the idea of becoming a referee emerged during his time at Chippenham Town.

Meanwhile, the transition from player to referee was a gradual process that started in 2004. Encouraged by a refereeing coach, it took Allison several years to consider officiating seriously.

His first refereeing experience was in a hometown match in Wiltshire. Over a decade later, he has become a prominent figure in English soccer, officiating over 100 matches in the EFL.

Sam Allison Debuted In The Premier League As A Fourth Official In October 2022
Sam Allison Debuted In The Premier League As A Fourth Official In October 2022 (Source: Facebook)

Allison’s dedication to the game and his love for football motivated him to pursue refereeing as a full-time career.

Sam’s Premier League debut occurred in October 2022 as the fourth official in the match between Brighton and Chelsea.

He earned a promotion to officiate in the 2023/24 season Championship. It has marked a significant milestone in his refereeing career.

Juggling A Dual Career

In addition to his role as a match official, Sam Allison juggled a dual career as a firefighter.

Seeking a career that would complement his involvement in soccer and refereeing, Allison joined the emergency services in 2006.

Starting as an on-call firefighter, he later transitioned to a full-time position, eventually becoming a station manager.

Additionally, he was a soccer coach and lecturer in Sports at the Lackham campus between 2004 and 2008.

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