Sam Howell Kids: Does He Have Any Children With Chloe Barbu?

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There is a growing interest regarding Sam Howell’s kids and his family. The article aims to provide you with exclusive information on this topic.

Howell often finds himself in the limelight not just for his remarkable achievements in the field but also for his personal life.

Thus, the other side of the American quarterback’s story that deserves recognition is his relationship with his partner, Chloe Barbu. Let’s unveil if the couple has kids together.

The Washington Commanders Quarterback Sam Howell
The Washington Commanders Quarterback Sam Howell (Instagram)

Sam Howell is an American football quarterback for the Washington Commanders of the National Football League (NFL), born on September 16, 2000, in Waynesville, North Carolina.

He started his journey with Sun Valley High School, throwing 13,415 yards and scoring 145 touchdowns in high school.

Initially, he chose Florida State University, but later, he decided to join the University of North Carolina.

During his freshman year, he was named the 2019 Military Bowl MVP when his team, the Tar Heels, defeated the Temple Owls from Temple University. It’s no surprise that he was also named the 2019 ACC Rookie of the Year.

The Washington Commanders selected him in the 5th round, making him the 144th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Howell secured the starting quarterback position for the 2023 season by outperforming Jacoby Brissett during the offseason.

Sam Howell Kids: Does He Have Any Children With Chloe Barbu?

Sam Howell and Chloe Babru do not have any kids at the moment. They have chosen not to have children any time soon, indicating they’re not ready for parenthood’s responsibilities.

However, there’s no doubt that when the time comes, the couple will make incredible parents, showering their children with love and granting every little wish.

Howell and Babru’s relationship has captured the attention of many, not just because of their individual accomplishments but also due to their chemistry as a couple.

Their love story is a mystery, leaving fans curious about how they met and their journey from strangers to a loving couple.

Sam Howell And His Girlfriend Chloe Barbu Does Not Share Any Children
Sam Howell And His Girlfriend Chloe Barbu Does Not Share Any Children (Source: Instagram)

It was only after Sam’s momentous draft selection that the world caught a glimpse of their relationship.

He shared heartwarming photos of their celebration, revealing a side of Sam beyond football, touching hearts worldwide.

As for his girlfriend, Chloe Barbu, she hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, and was born to Martha Ynestroza Barbu and Daniel Barbu.

Barbu grew up in a tight-knit family of four siblings, with Martha as the eldest, followed by Chloe, Natalie, and Lucas.

Her story is tied to her loving family, complementing Sam’s on-field success.

Sam Howell’s Family Heritage

Sam Howell’s inspiring journey is rooted in his remarkable family heritage. Born to Duke and Amy Howell, he inherited a legacy of resilience and dedication.

Duke, a football coach, steadfastly supports his son during NFL games with enthusiasm.

Sam’s family history started in South Korea, where Han (his grandmother) fell for American serviceman Bruce Howell (grandfather). They settled in Monroe, North Carolina, with their two children.

Even after becoming a widow, Han’s dedication to her family became a guiding light.

She tirelessly supported her son, Duke, and later her grandson, Sam, at Sun Valley High School football games, upholding her faith throughout.

Sam’s The NFL star’s mother, Amy, stands proudly by his side, providing unwavering love and encouragement, helping him navigate the challenging NFL path.

Moreover, he also has two siblings in his family. He was raised up alongside an elder sister, Anna, and a younger brother, Will Howell.

QB Sam Howell Praises The Chicago Bears

The Washington CommandersCommanders are facing the Bears this Thursday, October 4, 2023, after two consecutive losses.

Despite the Chicago Bears’ struggles, Sam Howell advises not to underestimate them due to their strong defense.

He acknowledges the Bears’ talent and their determination to win. Howell also mentions that every NFL defense is tough, and they need to be fully prepared for the challenge.

Recent losses remind the Commanders not to underestimate any NFL opponent and to stay focused on their game plan.

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