Who Is Sammy Sosa Wife Sonia Sosa? Married Life & Kids

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Former baseball player Sammy Sosa is a happily married man with his second wife, Sonia Sosa.

His wife, Sonia, is a former TV dancer and actress who now lives a low-key lifestyle. Together, the duo enjoys their life with many children in the family.

Sammy Sosa Is A Former Baseball Player
Former Baseball Player Sammy Sosa (Source: Instagram)

Sammy Sosa is a former baseball player from the Dominican Republic and the United States who had a remarkable 18-year career in Major League Baseball (MLB), mainly with the Chicago Cubs.

Likewise, the sportsperson started in MLB with the Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox, but he shined with the Cubs. He hit his 400th home run in just 1,354 games and remains one of only nine players ever to hit 600 home runs.

In 1998, 6-foot-tall Sosa got much attention for chasing Roger Maris’ home run record with Mark McGwire. Also, he was an All-Star with the Cubs seven times.

After playing for the Baltimore Orioles and returning to the Rangers, the baseball player became known as one of the best home run hitters, ranking second among players born outside the U.S.

Sammy Sosa Wife Sonia Sosa

Sonia Sosa is a Dominican citizen born and raised in the Dominican Republic. However, she fails to share exact information on her parents, siblings, and early life.

She appears to be in her fifties now. Though she hasn’t revealed much about her young days and educational background, she may have trained herself in dancing.

Sammy Sosa With His Wife, Sonia Sosa
Sammy Sosa With His Wife, Sonia Sosa (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, the celebrity spouse remained a TV dancer for many years and tried her luck in acting. We can see her work in Mi última batalla (2007) and ESPN SportsCentury (1999). 

Moving onwards, the former dancer used to share her personal life with her fans on Instagram and Twitter previously. Sadly, she doesn’t have an active social media presence these days.

Reportedly, her husband, Sammy, is now busy with his construction business.

Married Life And Kids

Sammy Sosa married Sonia Rodriguez in 1992 as his second wife, making her go by the name Sonia Sosa after marriage. The duo may have dated each other for some time before saying yes to each other.

However, the exact data on their first encounter is missing. They may have met at some event or party, as both belonged to a world of biz.

Sammy Sosa With His Wife And Kids
Sammy Sosa With His Wife And Kids (Source: Instagram)

During that time, Sammy was a rising star, while Sonia used to be a TV dancer. Just a year after his divorce from his first wife, Sammy exchanged vows with his now wife, Sonia.

Reports suggest that the former baseball player remained in a marital relationship with his first wife, Karen Lee Bright, from 1990 to 1991. They parted ways without sharing any child.

The Dominican baseball star Sammy has a blissful married life with Sonia. They are parents of four kids: Sammy Sosa Jr., Kenia Sosa, Keysha Sosa, and Michael Sosa.



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