Savannah James Affair With Rashard Lewis? LeBron Wife Rumor Trends Again

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Recently YesJulz took to her social media to address the truth about her alleged relationship with LeBron James. While everyone is surprised at what prompted her to bring out this information after so long, the Internet going frenzy over the old affair between Lebron’s wife, Savannah James, and Rashard Lewis is even weirder.

In 2011, the rumor involving Lebron’s the-then girlfriend Savannah and NBA player Rashad circulated on the Internet.

Everyone thought the relationship was over, but Savannah engaged to LeBron some months later.

In fact, LeBron supported Savannah to stand and speak up against all the false allegations laid against her.

After all, they were high school sweethearts and already had two kids by then.

LeBron James With His Wife Savannah (Source: Twitter)
LeBron James With His Wife, Savannah (Source: Twitter)

When LeBron finally married Savannah in 2013, the subject was thought to be put to rest once and for all.

However, it is peculiar to see people bringing that rumor to the surface again after both LeBron and his wife had dealt with it years before.

On the other hand, Rashard Lewis is also a family man. Married to his girlfriend, Giovanni, in 2011, Lewis has three kids and is having a wonderful post-retirement time with his loved ones. 

LeBron Wife Rumor Trends Again: How Did It Begin?

On June 11, 2023, YesJulz released a video to clear up some rumors that had been bothering her for a long time. One among those rumors was her alleged relationship with the NBA star LeBron James around 2014.

She told everyone she was never romantically linked with him. She later said she was dating one of his NBA teammates, so it would be ridiculous to say she slept with James then.

Rashad Lewis During His Time At Miami Heat
Rashad Lewis During His Time At Miami Heat (Source: Twitter)

At that time, LeBron was with the Miami Heat, and coincidentally, YesJulz was working in Miami.

She was already a well-known social media personality and regular partygoer, and that’s how she got to know the NBA star.

Unfortunately for Savannah, however, YesJulz’s video clip has become a problem. After the clip went viral, rumors about her alleged relationship with former NBA player Rashard Lewis erupted again.

In 2011, when the rumors began circulating online, both Savannah and Lewis denied the allegation. Lewis even admitted that he had never met her in real life.

Now that it has already been twelve years since the incident, they face the same rumor again.

However, nobody concerned except YesJulz has said anything about the old rumor that began trending again.

In that same clip, YesJulz requested everyone to leave Savannah out of this and stop bothering her with the same old baseless allegation.

Who Exactly is YesJulz?

Julieanna Goddard, or YesJulz, is an American entrepreneur, talent manager, and social media personality.

Born to Italian and Puerto Rican parents, she has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of South Florida.

Involved as a talent manager for a long time, she gained popularity after she began working with LeBron James in Miami.

Besides, she has worked with various celebrity figures like Kanye West, Pusha T, and Nas.

YesJulz With Her Daughter (Source: Instagram)
YesJulz With Her Daughter, River (Source: Instagram)

Aside from that, she is known for regularly throwing VIP parties and associating with big names in the Entertainment industry.

With more than 500k plus viewers on Spanchat, media outlets have named her The Queen of Snapchat.

She is also active on Instagram with around 600k followers. She has a daughter named River Jo Riley, born in 2022.

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