Scandalous Revelation: Moriah Mills Threatens Zion Williamson!

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Zion Williamson has recently faced some challenging off-court developments that have garnered attention.

Following previous reports that raised concerns among the New Orleans Pelicans organization, additional issues have surfaced.

Adult film star Moriah Mills has made public statements about her alleged relationship with Williamson, adding to the ongoing off-court narrative.

On social media, Mills threatened to release supposed “sex tapes” involving her and Williamson.

Moriah Mills Threatens Zion Williamson
Moriah Mills Threatens Zion Williamson (Source:

She went on to express her desire for the Pelicans to part ways with the talented superstar, especially in light of trade rumors linking him to potential moves to the Portland Trail Blazers or Charlotte Hornets.

Mills has been vocal about her grievances with Williamson since he announced his partner’s pregnancy, revealing that she believed they were in a relationship but was unaware of his involvement with someone else and the subsequent pregnancy.

Throughout the situation, she has made various allegations against Williamson, including labeling him a “sex addict.”

She also claimed that Williamson had promised to relocate her to New Orleans so they could be together.

Moriah Mills Threatens Zion Williamson!

On Twitter, Mills made alarming statements, threatening to release what she claimed were explicit videos involving Williamson.

These actions have sparked controversy and concern among fans and the basketball community at large.

Moreover, Mills has taken a further step by advocating for the Pelicans to sever ties with the superstar, particularly in light of ongoing trade rumors connecting him to the Portland Trail Blazers or Charlotte Hornets.

These developments have intensified speculation and added more intrigue to Williamson’s future in the league.

Moriah wrote on Twitter, “NBA I have sex tapes of me and Zion Williamson and he also has them on his trap phone. [NBA], [Pelicans] trade him now he doesn’t deserve to be in New Orleans !!! Sex tapes dropping soon.

As of now, Williamson has remained silent regarding Moriah Mills’ threats and allegations.

However, it is worth mentioning that his stepfather has previously dismissed the rumors, advising people to be cautious with what they believe and suggesting that misinformation may be at play.

Williamson needs to address these controversies and find a resolution. The ongoing off-court issues have generated numerous uncertainties about his future.

Continual distraction and negative attention may hinder his ability to focus on his basketball career and potentially have adverse effects on his overall well-being.

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