Scoot Henderson Brother CJ And Jade Henderson- Sister And Parents

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Scoot Henderson is the second youngest among his seven siblings, making him part of a large and vibrant family. Among his siblings are two brothers named CJ Henderson and Jade Henderson.

CJ Henderson, Scoot‘s older brother, had a notable athletic career during his time at Kells High School, where he excelled in basketball.

Although he didn’t pursue a professional basketball career, CJ has found success in the real estate industry and currently works as a dedicated and accomplished real estate agent.

Scoot Henderson
Scoot Henderson (Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

On the other hand, Jade Henderson, another older brother of Scoot, pursued a passion for football.

While information about Jade’s football career is scarce, he made his mark as a talented football player in his own right.

Although specific details about his achievements may be limited, Jade’s dedication and love for the sport are evident.

Scoot and his brothers form a dynamic and diverse family with various talents and pursuits. 

Sister Crystal Henderson

Scoot Henderson, also known as Sterling, is poised to be selected as the second overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft, with Victor Wembanyama being highly regarded as the top prospect.

However, talent runs deep in the Henderson family, as Scoot’s younger sister Crystal Henderson, affectionately known as Moochie, has also established herself as a standout high school senior with multiple collegiate offers.

The Henderson siblings attended Carlton J. Kell High School in Marietta, Georgia, where they left a lasting mark on the basketball program.

Scoot held the record for the most points in school history until Moochie surpassed it during her junior year.

Scoot Henderson With His Sister Crystal
Scoot Henderson With His Sister Crystal (Source: The Athletic)

She has since accumulated over 2,300 points throughout her high school career, solidifying her status as a formidable scorer.

In recognition of their remarkable accomplishments, Carlton J. Kell High School retired the jerseys of both Scoot (No. 0) and Moochie (No. 30), further commemorating their contributions to the school’s basketball legacy.

Moochie, ranked as the fourth-best women’s high school player in Georgia by PrepGirlsHoops, has already garnered attention from prominent colleges.

She has received offers from esteemed institutions such as Coastal Carolina, Georgia State, Ole Miss, and South Carolina, indicating her exceptional skills and potential at the collegiate level.

Scoot Henderson Brother CJ And Jade Henderson- Sister And Parents

Scoot Henderson hails from Marietta, Georgia, where he was raised by his parents, Chris and Crystal Henderson.

His father is deeply involved in basketball as a coach and trainer, while his mother works in the healthcare industry.

Together, they own and operate Next Play 360°, a renowned training facility located in Marietta.

The Henderson family relocated to Marietta from Hempstead, New York, just before Scoot was born.

Scoot Henderson With His Parents
Scoot Henderson With His Parents (Source: Firstsportz)

Growing up in a basketball-centric environment, Scoot was exposed to the sport from a young age, thanks to his father’s involvement in coaching and training.

Within his family, Scoot is the second-youngest among seven siblings, three of whom have also pursued basketball careers at the NCAA Division I level.

The Henderson household exudes a passion for the sport, with basketball serving as a common thread that connects and inspires the family members.

Other Siblings

In addition to Crystal, CJ, and Jade, Scoot has three more sisters whom he grew up with.

His talented sisters, Onyx and China, honed their skills on the basketball court at Cal State Fullerton, while Diamond showcased her exceptional abilities at both Tennessee Tech and Syracuse.

Today, they form an indispensable part of his inner circle, collaborating closely to enhance Scoot’s brand and support his endeavors.

Onyx expertly manages his social media presence, ensuring his online engagement remains vibrant and impactful.

China brings her keen fashion sense to the table, styling his outfits with impeccable taste and adding a touch of sartorial elegance to his public appearances.

As for Diamond, she assumes the role of his trusted “chief of staff,” efficiently coordinating and managing his various commitments and ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

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