Shane Mosley Jr Wife Alyssa Mosley: Married Life And Kids

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Shane Mosley Jr, the American boxer, is currently married to childhood friend Alyssa Mosley. 

The boxer was born into a family of legacy and had a difficult time following his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. 

Shane Mosley Jr is the son of Shane “Sugar” Mosley Sr and the grandchild of Jack Mosley. 

They were both excellent fighters, and Shane is attempting to match their in-ring prowess.

After making his debut on April 26, 2014, Mosley has now participated in 24 fights. He has a record of 20-4.

Moreover, in 11 of those battles, Mosley Jr. prevailed through TKO in the middleweight division. 

Shane Mosley Jr Posing For A Photo
Shane Mosley Jr Posing For A Photo (Source: Instagram)

He beat Gabriel Rosado to win the WBA Super Middleweight continental Americas belt in Austin, Texas. 

He is also currently ranked as the 10th contender for the WBA middleweight title and 13th for the Charlo’s championships. 

In addition, Shane founded Tribe Called Mosley and is a successful entrepreneur. They are an apparel, athletics, and entertainment company that also offers information on forthcoming events in the Mosley tribe.

Who Is Shane Mosley Jr Wife Alyssa Mosley? 

Alyssa Mosley describes herself as a mother, a wife, and Shane’s closest and biggest supporter. 

She frequently appears on her husband’s social media accounts and matches. 

Alyssa has previously posed for a few businesses in addition to being an entrepreneur in her working life. 

She frequently posts photos of her husband and kids, and it is clear that she is deeply in love with him and the life they have built together. 

Furthermore, looking at her Instagram, she also models for companies and has done so for companies like; Pose Las Vegas.

Her boxer husband also joins Alyssa from time to time in the photoshoot

Alyssa Was Pregnant With Jewel When The Couple Got Married
Alyssa Was Pregnant With Jewel When The Couple Got Married (Source: Instagram)

The charming couple has three kids—two boys and a girl—so far. They announced the birth of their third child, Jewel Jeanette Mosley, on October 11, 2022.

Likewise, Zaiden was born in 2014, and Audison was born in 2016. 

How Did Shane And Alyssa Meet? 

Shane and Alyssa know each other for a long time; however, they did not get into a relationship. 

The pair were friends in high school and reportedly dated, but the romance did not last. 

Later on, in an attempt to be independent, Shane decided to live on his own. He moved out, experienced some difficulty, and even spent time sleeping on a friend’s couch.

The Mosley Children; Zaiden, Audison, And Jewel Mosley
The Mosley Children; Zaiden, Audison, And Jewel Mosley (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the second time he met Alyssa, things went better, and even then, they have been in one another’s arms.

The couple were engaged in 2017 after maturing as a pair and becoming stronger together.

In a magnificent outdoor setting, they later got married on August 26, 2022, in the presence of kids, their families, and friends. 

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