Shaun Davis Cause Of Death: Was It Kidney Issues Or Steroid Use?

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The bodybuilding community mourns the loss of Shaun Davis, a renowned figure in the industry whose recent passing has sparked debates regarding the cause of his untimely death.

Davis faced both kidney issues and controversies surrounding steroid use, leaving fans and the fitness world in speculation.

Shaun Davis Won Mr. Universe Event In 1996
Shaun Davis Won Mr. Universe Event In 1996 (Source: Facebook)

Shaun Davis, a bodybuilder with a remarkable career, was born on April 15, 1966, in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, England.

He gained fame not only for his impressive physique but also for his enduring passion for the sport.

The Derbyshire native was known for competing internationally in bodybuilding competitions.

A beloved figure in the bodybuilding community, Davis’ career peaked when he was crowned Mr. Universe in 1996.

Similarly, he won a string of prestigious bodybuilding titles, such as Mr. Britain, Mr. Europe, and Mr. Pro Universe.

Davis was affectionately nicknamed ‘Dinosaur’ by the gym guys he would train with due to his goofy nature. 

Likewise, he weighed an impressive 334lbs at the time of his Mr. Universe success in 1996. He was truly a role model for fitness enthusiasts.

Sadly, he was forced to retire from his bodybuilding career after struggling with kidney problems.

What Was Shaun Davis Cause Of Death?

The exact cause of Shaun Davis’s death remains uncertain, but his battle with kidney problems has been well-documented.

In a recent video on the RxMuscle channel, bodybuilding journalist Dave Palumbo shared insights into Davis’s health struggles.

Palumbo also acknowledged kidney failure’s role in bringing the bodybuilder’s illustrious career to a halt.

Shaun Davis With His Partner Helen Burrows
Shaun Davis With His Partner Helen Burrows (Source: Facebook)

Davis himself had opened up about his kidney issues and transplant on the RxMuscle channel in 2018. It revealed his decade-long struggle with health complications.

Although the official cause of death is yet to be disclosed, it is widely speculated that it could be related to his prolonged battle with kidney problems.

Shaun Davis Had A Kidney Transplant In 2009

The bodybuilding icon’s journey was abruptly interrupted by health issues. Reportedly, a kidney failure left him needing a kidney transplant.

In 2009, he underwent a kidney transplant at Nottingham City Hospital after being on the waiting list for about three years.

Recounting his transformative experience, Davis became a passionate advocate for organ donation.

He even urged people to sign up for the transplant donor register following the ordeal.

“It really hammers it home, since the transplant, that more and more people are desperate for kidneys,” he said in an interview.

Despite receiving a kidney transplant a decade prior, Davis’s health appeared to decline in recent years.

Nonetheless, the 57-year-old bodybuilding veteran passed away, leaving family and friends devastated.

He is survived by his partner, Helen Burrows, and his beloved daughter, Harley. 

Rumors Surrounding Steroid Use 

Shaun Davis’s passing has prompted discussions about the potential role of steroid use in his deteriorating health.

While fans expressed condolences to Davis’s family and friends, some couldn’t ignore the possibility of steroid use.

Shaun Davis Passed Away On 1st December, 2023
Shaun Davis Passed Away On 1st December 2023 (Source: The Sun)

One fan commented on social media, stating, “Steroids cause lifelong health issues and premature death. Stay off the gear kids…”

The allegations gain weight considering Davis’s past admission to anabolic steroid use.

In 2013, Davis and his friend Ian Homer were convicted of illegally supplying steroids, revealing a darker side to his bodybuilding journey.

Anabolic steroids, often labeled as ‘performance and image-enhancing drugs,’ have been linked to long-term health issues and premature death.

Although the exact cause of Davis’s death remains unclear, the shadow of steroid use cannot be dismissed.

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