Shaun Livingston Bio: Injuries, Career, Net Worth & More

Shaun Patrick Livingston is a former NBA point guard. He played for teams like Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington Wizards, Charlotte Bobcats, Milwaukee Bucks, and others in his 16 years of professional career.

While in his final year with Golden State Warriors, Livingston became the second in NBA history to appear in at least five seasons that made an NBA Finals appearance.

The Warriors team also gave him unforgettable moments to cherish for life by winning NBA Championship titles in the 2015, 2017, and 2018 seasons.

Shaun with the undefeatable Warriors (Credit: Sports Illustrated)

Livingston was often described as “The bridge between a star and complementary players. A person one can fully rely upon.”

When he announced his retirement in 2019, the Warriors wanted to keep him even if he was not playing for the team. So he got appointed as the Director of Player Affairs and Engagement on Sep 15, 2020.

He was to report directly to the teams’ President of Basketball Operations.

Following are some facts about the star player “S. Dot.” 

Quick Facts

Full NameShaun Patrick Livingston 
Birth DateSeptember 11, 1985
Known AsShaun Livingston
Birth PlacePeoria, Illinois
Nick NameS. Dot
High-SchoolPeoria High School
Father’s NameReggie Livingstone
Mother’s NameAnn Wyman
Age37 years old
Weight186 lb (84 kg)
Height200 cm (6 feet 7 inches)
Marital StatusMarried
WifeJoanna Williams
  • Tyler Marie Livingston
  • Jonah Jazmine Livingston
ProfessionProfessional Basketball Player
Experience15 seasons
LeagueNational Basketball Association (NBA)
NBA Draft2004/ Round: 1/ Pick: 4th overall
Net Worth$16-25 million
Active Status2004-2019
Social MediaTwitter
Last UpdateDecember, 2022

Early Life and Family

Shaun was born to parents, Reggie Livingston and Ann Wyman, in Illinois.

The couple welcomed him in September 1985 under the earth sign Virgo.
He grew up with his two sisters, Blair Wyman and Sarah Apperle-Livingstone, in the largest city of Illinois, Peoria.

Growing up, Shaun always had a type of inclination toward basketball.

Not long after Shaun, the couple started to face difficulties in their marriage, resulting in divorce within two years after Shaun was born.

Earlier, Shaun was taken care of by his mother, and after some time, his father, Reggie, got custody. While living with his father got him to explore the world of hoops.

Upon remembering, Shaun once said,” My father always had me playing with the older group since I was 6 or 7. I couldn’t understand why he did what he did. But, thinking about it now, I feel grateful towards my dad because I never knew I would be a great player.”

Start of Shaun’s Basketball Career

Peoria High

Shaun started his high school in Concordia Lutheran Grade School and led his school team to grab the LSA titles consecutively in 1999 and 2000.

After two years, he moved from Richwoods High School to Peoria Central High School to complete his studies.

With Shaun in the team, Peoria Lions were able to win Class AA State Titles back-to-back in 2003 and 2004. For his incredible breathtaking performance, Shaun got titled as the Illinois Mr. Basketball in 2004.

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Towards the end of his high school, Shaun thought about joining the basketball team at Duke University and accepting a scholarship.

But knowing his skills, Livingston decided to try out for the NBA 2004 Draft straight out of high school.

Professional Career

To begin with, Shaun became one of the few players in NBA history to get selected as a draft directly after graduating from high school. Just to name a few, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and T.Max were early draft picks too.

As a draft of the LA Clippers, the first two seasons with the team were praiseworthy for him when he averaged 6.3 per game in 91 games.

Shortly after, a shooting guard who was constantly improving faced the worst he would have ever imagined in the 2006-07 season. That fateful night Shaun was preparing for his 31st start against Charlotte Bobcats in 2007 and faced a heartwrenching knee fracture the NBA had ever seen.

Make-or-Break Injury

After a steal at halfway in the court, Livingston skated across the floor with ease and was going for a basket when he fell into an uncomfortable posture that gave chills throughout the body.

It was just a nightmare that didn’t seem to end, and the whole court was completely frozen and unable to grasp the situation that just unfolded in front of their eyes.

Soon a stretcher was brought; Shaun seemed stuck and stiff with no movement as if a spare leg was attached to him.

LA Clippers vs. Charlotte Bobcats 2007 match (Credit: ESPN)

The knee was all deformed, bloodied up, and leaking with puss. Upon examination, Livingston was found to have torn his ACL, PCL, and meniscus, dislocating his left knee cap and breaking his left leg.

It was probably the most fearful thing for a player to have such a big accident within a span of seconds when everything was going well.

With such horrible tragedy, everybody who knew had only one thought going through their mind, “Will he be able to play ever again or even walk?”

“Having to rest for didn’t know how long, the confidence and strength Shaun had were not faded even by a percent, and the will to return in the court was shocking. He did everything for his speedy recovery.” said then Clipper’s physician.

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Due to this, Shaun Livingston could not return fully for the next one and half years, missing 39 of the upcoming games.

NBA Champions: Golden State Warriors 

From 2008-to 2010, he just played 22 league games.

It was fate that brought Shaun to the Warriors, where he got to play the 2016 NBA Finals with Damian Jones, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry against Cleveland Cavaliers, scoring a playoff career-high 20 points in game 1.

Despite losing the title in the previous season, in the finals of both 2017 and 2018 seasons, his team defeated the same Cavaliers in a 4 game sweep.

As a Director

Even after Shaun’s body went through such an incident at the blooming age of 21, his spirits never went down. On the contrary, he pulled himself like no other kept his body fit for any time he could play again.

The then coach of the Warriors said, “Shaun is good at managing his own body. He tells people when he needs rest. That says a lot about Shaun because it’s important to be on the same page with yourself.”

2018 NBA Champions Warriors (Source: Pinterest)

Above all, despite Shaun announcing his retirement in 2019 via a sad Instagram post, the Warriors appointed him the Director of Player Affairs and Engagement of the team starting from September 15, 2020.

Career Achievements and Highlights

  • 3 times NBA Championship (2015, 2017, 2018)
  • First Team Parade All-American (2004)
  • Fourth-team Parade All-American (2003)
  • McDonald’s AllAmerican (2004)
  • Illinois Mr. Basketball (2004)

How much is Shaun Livingston’s worth?

Altogether Shaun played for a total of nine teams in the 15 seasons he played in the NBA.

Generally, from the start of his career, his salary saw major changes throughout the years, with just $3,027,840 in the first season.

With his accident in mind, Shaun’s salary went pretty downhill in the 2008-09 season with $370,000 as earnings.

Hence, with ups and downs in his salary, he made $296,695-$7692308 in between the 2009 and 2018 seasons.

The career highest salary was during his last season with the Warriors, which was about $8,307,692. The current salary for Shaun is $666,667 from 2019 till now.

By the way, it’s hard to figure out the exact net worth of a person, and the answers always differ. So, to end a debate at once, Shaun’s worth is in the middle of $16 million to $25 million.

Personal Life

Shaun Livingston married his long-term girlfriend, Joanna Williams, on August 9, 2017, in a private wedding ceremony.

“Joey,” as referred to by her close friends, is a model of Puerto Rican, Italian and African descent.

Shaun with his wife and son (Source: Pinterest)

Before their marriage, the couple had welcomed their first child – a baby girl born in early 2017. They named her Tyler Marie. And after two years, they had a baby boy – Jonah Jazmine, in February of 2019.

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Donations to Concordia Lutheran

Shaun Livingston isn’t someone who made mega-money in the League. Instead, he was categorized as someone who felt basketball was above everything.

The manager of Hall of Fame Jerry West had once said,” When you’re around him, you can see the goodness in him.”

It wasn’t his job or responsibility to give a huge amount of money as a donation to Concordia Lutheran High School even though Shaun was an Alumni.

For the expansion of the former gym, $1 million was provided to the school.

Shaun Livingston | Social Media

Just a quick piece of information; Shaun did have an Instagram account under @ShaunLivingston around 2019 but is nowhere to be found in today’s date, and for a Facebook account, he doesn’t have one.

What is the Star Player Shaun Livingston’s Body Stat?

Complementing his 200 cm height, Shaun weighs just right about 84 kgs only. He was one of the skinny players in any team he played those years.

He is an attractive black-haired individual with dazzling black eyes who could mesmerize everyone during his time in the court.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has Shaun Livingston ever been caught in a scandal?

The former point guard has clear records in every aspect except for the fact of his trade rumors which isn’t anything major to be concerned about.

Is Shaun Livingston a good defender?

As his previous teammate said, “He brings leadership to the game by doing everything rebounds, assists, steals, and making points. If we just listen to him, all goes smoothly.” So, we can conclude him to be a good defender as he can rotate and adjust in various situations.

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