Shevchenko Sisters: Antonina and Valentina Shevchenko Making History

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The Shevchenko sisters, renowned MMA and Muay Thai fighters, have set records and are an inspiration to many in the sports world.

Since childhood, Antonia and Valentina Shevchenko have consistently trained together, gaining fame as the Shevchenko sisters in the MMA world.

Now, they stand side by side, drawing strength from each other in a mutual display of support.

Antonina In Support Of Sister Valentina
Antonina In Support Of Sister Valentina (Source: Instagram)

Both sisters hail from Kyrgyzstan, formerly part of the Kirghiz SSR in the Soviet Union.

Antonia Shevchenko was born on November 20, 1984, while her younger sister, Valentina Shevchenko, was born on March 7, 1988.

Furthermore, Antonina and Valentina Shevchenko are currently competing in the women’s flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Additionally, the younger sister has achieved victory by securing the UFC Women’s Flyweight Championship belt.

Shevchenko Sisters Are MMA Fighters

The sisters are the daughters of a Russian-Ukrainian couple. Elena Shevchenko, the mother of the sisters, is the president of Kyrgyzstan’s national Muay Thai association and a former multiple-time Muay Thai champion.

Similarly, Anatoly Shevchenko, their father, dedicated three years of service to the Pacific Fleet of the Soviet Navy during the Cold War and was a player for the Kyrgyzstan national football team.

Elena and Valentina were the ones who consistently encouraged Antonia to pursue martial arts.

Antonina started her fighting career as a kickboxer at a young age and made her MMA debut in 2002.

In addition to martial arts, Antonina is a licensed pilot and frequently shares moments from work on her social media.

Valentina With Mother Shevchenko
Valentina With Mother Shevchenko (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Valentina made her professional MMA debut one year after her elder sister at the young age of 15 in 2003.

Highly influenced by her sister’s pursuits, Valentina also embarked on her taekwondo journey at 5.

In addition to starting Taekwondo, she commenced her kickboxing career in 2000. Remarkably, at 12, she achieved a knockout victory against a 22-year-old opponent.

Furthermore, the IMFA Royal World Cup champion secured 8 gold medals at the IFMA World Championships in different years.

Considered one of the best female Muay Thai fighters globally, her talent and relentless dedication have earned her this prestigious recognition.

In addition to her involvement in MMA and Muay Thai, Valentina made her debut in a sports drama film titled “Bruised,” where she portrayed the character Lucia “Lady Killer” Chavez.

The Sisters Made History

The Shevchenko sisters created history in the UFC when they fought on the same card at UFC 255, marking the first sister duo to accomplish this feat.

In the co-main event of UFC 255, Antonina defended her title against Jennifer Maia, solidifying her presence alongside her sister in the UFC.

Following her fight, she expressed that the sisters’ parents would be exceptionally proud of their accomplishments. Meanwhile, her sister also conveyed immense pride in her achievements.

Antonina Historic UFC Fight
Antonina Historic UFC Fight (Source:

Valentina said that Antonina demonstrated to everyone the deserving of the place she holds.

Moreover, the sisters not only compete under the same banner but also participate in the same weight class.

This development has sparked excitement among many at the possibility of them facing each other.

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