Skylar Ackerman Parents: Father Patrick And Mother

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Skylar Ackerman Parents: Skylar Ackerman has continued the legacy of curling in her family, inheriting the sporting gene from her father.

Furthermore, Skylar receives guidance from her father, Patrick, as she navigates her way through her athletic journey.

Canadian Curler Skylar Ackerman
Canadian Curler Skylar Ackerman (Source: X)

Skylar Ackerman is a Canadian curler from Saskatchewan, Canada. She debuted at the national level at the 2018 Canadian U18 Curling Championships. 

Although the start of her career was full of ups and downs, she has found her feet in recent years. She is coached by her father, Patrick, competing with Team Ackerman.

Securing victory at the Viterra Scotties provincial championship in February 2024, Team Ackerman has earned the opportunity to represent Saskatchewan at the 2024 Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Remarkably, this accomplishment comes in only their second appearance as a team in the event.

Skylar Ackerman Parents

Regarding her parents, her father, Patrick, is a curling coach and assists with career progression and decisions.

Guiding his daughter, he has been there for her during the peaks and valleys of her sporting voyage.

Especially in a sport like curling, where precision in delivering stones and understanding ice conditions are crucial, mastering the nuanced strategy of sweeping becomes challenging.

Skylar Is Coached By Her Father, Patrick
Skylar Is Coached By Her Father, Patrick (Source: Curling Canada)

Hence, a smooth coach-player relationship is vital. Skylar is fortunate to have that connection with her father, which proves invaluable in navigating the intricacies of curling.

On the other hand, there is little information about Skylar Ackerman’s mother. Perhaps choosing to stay away from the limelight, her personal life is kept under wraps.

The Special Father-Daughter Relationship

Speaking of Patrick’s coaching credentials, he is a highly experienced tutor from Saskatchewan, Canada.

That is why winning the recent tournament in their family’s hometown was extremely special for Skylar.

Team Ackerman Featuring Patrick And Skylar
Team Ackerman Featuring Patrick And Skylar (Source: Global News Canada)

In a thrilling and unpredictable match against the Nancy Martin rink, Team Ackerman engaged in a back-and-forth battle.

Ultimately, they secured a 10-9 victory in an extra end with a skillfully executed hit and roll on their final shot.

In a piece with Global News Canada, Patrick was in awe of the early career achievements of Skylar. Additionally, he cannot wait for what is to come next.

“I’ve coached Skylar pretty much all of her curling career. To see a culmination of that start of a career I guess like this is fantastic. It will be a blast.”

Considered the youngest team ever to qualify for the Scotties Tournament of Hearts from Saskatchewan, Patrick expressed that this achievement serves as a testament to the dedicated efforts put in by the team and Skylar over the years.

Skylar emphasizes that the journey alongside her father, from junior levels to women’s competition, has forged lasting memories for the duo.

After the victory, she attributed it to be one of the special moments of her young career so far.

“It’s really special having my dad here with me and to win my first green jacket in women’s with him is pretty awesome.”

It will be interesting to see what comes next for the father-daughter duo. If their early success is any indication, Skylar will become a legendary figure in Candian curling.

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