Snooker: Si Jiahui Girlfriend- Dating And Relationship Timeline

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Si Jiahui’s girlfriend has kept her identity undisclosed. 

The Chinese prodigy Si Jiahui has taken the snooker world by storm. The 20-year-old starlet went professional in 2019 and has since been one of the rising names in the sport. 

Si Jiahui Waves To The Crowd As He Wins His Snooker Game
Si Jiahui Waves To The Crowd As He Wins His Snooker Game (Source: Instagram)

In the 2022 European Masters, Si went on a fantastic run defeating Anthony McGill and Daniel Wells on the way to the quarterfinals before losing out to Kyren Wilson.

In the World Snooker Championship 2023, Jiahui was looking to defeat Luca Brecel, but he couldn’t compete.  

Si Jiahui Girlfriend Lives In China 

There is little known information about Si Jihui’s girlfriend, who currently resides in China. 

Recently, an article from the English tabloid Independent stated Si lived away from his girlfriend and parents for three years during the pandemic. 

It was only earlier this year Si flew back home to China to visit them. In 2019, the snooker prodigy came to the UK alone to participate in a competition. 

He didn’t think he would make much progress but unexpectedly gained professional qualifications two seasons in advance. This also made him the first professional snooker player from his hometown of Zhejiang. 

Si Jiahui Polishes His Cue Stick As He Gets Ready To Continue The Game
Si Jiahui Polishes His Cue Stick As He Gets Ready To Continue The Game (Source: Instagram)

With Si having dropped from school in 2013, he might have met his girlfriend through snooker itself while training at Guangdong, where his father took him to master his snooker skills.

A happy relationship in the life of an athlete is a rarity these days. But in the snooker world, several relationships are a testament to happy married life. 

Si’s idol, Ronnie O’Sullivan, has been in a relationship with his wife, Laila Rouass, for the past decade. Mark and Vikki Selby are another one. 

Si is only 20 years old and has a long way to go before he thinks of a long-term relationship with his girlfriend. But we can give our good wishes to the young couple. And hopefully, we can one day see Si’s girlfriend by his side when he wins a major trophy. 

Si Jiahui Father Used To Train Him 13 Hours A Day  

Si Jiahui’s father, Si Peijun, runs a billiard hall in their hometown in Zhuji City. 

As said by his dad, Si had already shown athletic prowess from a young age. He was one of the top table tennis players in school, and if he had picked up table tennis at a younger age, he probably would’ve been a professional at it.

But in fourth grade, when his father opened the billard hall, Si’s interest in snooker piqued. Every day after school, Si would travel to the hall and watch others play to his heart’s fulfillment. 

After everyone would go, Jiahui and his dad then play two shots. Soon Jiahui started beating the customers who came to play in the billiard hall and became a fearful opponent. 

Anthony McGill Congratulates Si Jiahui In the Quarterfinals Of The World Snooker Championship
Anthony McGill Congratulates Si Jiahui In the Quarterfinals Of The World Snooker Championship (Source: Instagram)

As Si’s talent in snooker started to shine bright, his parents decided Jiahui needed to drop out of school. 

Since 2019, Si has been living by himself in the UK and has caused many snooker veterans to praise him and his style of play. 

It is to be seen whether Jiahui becomes a household name in Snooker one day. Many prodigies have fizzled out in the past, but Si has got the chance to replicate his idol, Ronnie O’Sullivan. 

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