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Interestingly enough, the whole world, with high curiosity, is looking forward to knowing about Sonny Leon wife. Well, here’s a curiosity killer; the horseman Sonny Leon has been married to his wife, Cryss Leon.

Sonny Leon is a Venezuelan jockey born in 1990 in Aragua, Venezuela. The 33 years old rode Rich Strike to victory in the 2022 Kentucky Derby.

He jockeyed six races at Belterra Park the day before the victory.

Sonny Leon
Sonny Leon (Source: Paulick Report)

Leon began his career in 2015 and has had success on smaller racing circuits, racking up nearly 800 wins. He has been the leading rider at Mahoning Valley for the past three-four years.

He performed so well in 2021 that he ended the year, securing the 11th position in the nation for total victories.

Leon has 770 career wins in the United States. Ultimas Noticias, a daily newspaper in Venezuela, described him as one of the winningest Venezuelan jockeys in the United States in 2022.

However, disappointing news about Sonny has recently made headlines, about the jockey being banned from racing after a string of offenses, including providing ‘false and altered documents.’

Meet Sonny Leon Wife, Cryss Leon

The horseman Sonny Leon has a wife named Cryss Leon. The couple also has a daughter, Paula Leon. 

Sonny Leon With His Wife And Daughter
Sonny Leon With His Wife And Daughter (Source: Paulick Report)

The date of marriage and personal matters related to Cryss and Paula are unavailable on the Internet. The jockey, Sonny, seems to keep his personal life a secret.

It is also not certain whether Sonny and his wife had dated earlier or not. But still, Cryss seems to be one of the great supporters of his husband.

Sonny Leon Jockey Family

Unfortunately, the information about Sonny’s father and mother is also unknown. It is as if the horseman is not interested in sharing his family background publicly.

However, he has stated in interviews that his father wanted to become a jockey, but his grandfather did not let him. 

Leon fulfilled his father’s dreams by winning the 2022 Kentucky Derby.

Sonny Leon
Sonny Leon (Source:

Similarly, there are no credible sources to claim whether Leon has any siblings.

Sonny Leon: 2023 Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby for the year 2023 will be held on May 6 in Churchill Downs.

The winner will take home $1.86 million of a total of $3 million purse for capturing the first jewel of the Triple Crown.

But, there is disappointing news for the supporters of Sonny Leon.

Kentucky Derby hero Sonny Leon has been banned from racing after a string of offenses this season, including presenting false and altered documents from a physical examination.

Sonny Leon With A Trophy
Sonny Leon With A Trophy (Source:

Leon, a 32-year-old jockey, is currently serving a four-day suspension for careless riding in a previous race. The suspension began on Monday and will end on Friday, preventing Leon from participating in any races during this time.

The Venezuelan has faced a number of suspensions in recent months, including a ban for allegedly falsifying papers to West Virginia stewards. In total, he has been banned for 32 days since September.

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