Spike Eskin Wife Valerie: WIP New Host Family Life

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A prominent name in American media, Spike Eskin, lives a vibrant life with his wife, Valerie, who radiates a refined passion for animals and her pet dog.

To begin with, Spike Eskin is returning to Philadelphia sports talk radio, taking on the role of cohost for the 94WIP afternoon show.

American Radio Host Spike Eskin
American Radio Host Spike Eskin (Source: Radio Ink)

Spike Eskin, a renowned name in American sports journalism, hails from his hometown of Philadelphia.

He held the brand manager position at 94WIP for seven years before exiting in 2021.

Following this, he became vice president at WFAN, a New York-based sports radio station.

The news of his return to radio has also been inspiring. He is scheduled to host weekly from 2 to 6 p.m. with Ike Reese and Jack Fritz.

Spike Eskin Wife, Valerie

Spike and Valerie exchanged wedding vows in October 2014 and have been bonded in a relationship for the last 15 years.

On their anniversary in 2023, Spike shared a picture with Valerie and their pet dog with a heartwarming caption.

“9 years of marriage. 14 years together. Ride or die always.”

The pair frequently post pictures of one another on social media, displaying a solid bond of love.

Spike Shared A Picture With His Wife On The Occasion Of Christmas
Spike Shared A Picture With His Wife On The Occasion Of Christmas (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Spike joked about one of their first dates in his recent post on X. The funny post got quite a lot of interaction and gave fans an insight into their companionship.

Before their marriage in 2014, Spike interviewed with the Burlington County Times when he candidly talked about his then-fiancee Valerie.

He revealed he never engaged on his phone when spending time with her and that she also shared a love for sports.

“When I’m with her, I don’t tweet or work. She’s a sports fan and likes baseball and basketball.”

Additionally, he would go on to share about the complexities of managing work and personal life, praising Valerie for her constant care.

“She never gets mad, she worries about me. I get up for work at 4 a.m., and she’ll go to bed around 9 p.m.”

Their Shared Love For Dogs

Another thing that strengthens their bond is their shared love of dogs. Spike and Valerie’s Instagram is flooded with cute pictures of their beloved four-legged creatures.

Moreover, Valerie describes herself as a “professional dog lover” on her Instagram bio. Not only do they portray their special love for the animal, but they also encourage other people to adopt homeless dogs.

Spike And Valerie Share An Undying Love For Their Pet Dogs
Spike And Valerie Share An Undying Love For Their Pet Dogs (Source: Instagram)

Through her social media, Valerie promotes a foundation called St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, which provides shelter for animals and finds them loving homes.

Bound by their shared love for dogs, Spike and Valerie enjoy each other’s company as they navigate life’s adventures with their canine companions.

Spike’s Father Howard

Notably, Spike’s father, Howard Eskin, is also a legendary figure in the Philadelphia media space.

Howard is the original sports talker on Sports Radio 94 WIP, launching the station’s first sports talk show in 1986 on 610 WIP.

With almost 7,000 shows on WIP, he holds the record for the country’s most broadcasts among sports talkers.

Spike's Father, Howard Eskin
Spike’s Father, Howard Eskin (Source: X)

Local media hailed Eskin as the market’s “hardest working sportscaster,” and he is renowned for his unwavering dedication to the job. He holds the distinction of breaking more sports stories than any other broadcaster in the Philadelphia market.

Needless to say, Spike inherited the broadcasting and hosting DNA from his esteemed father.

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