Sportscaster Kevin Harlan And Wife Ann Harlan Has Four Kids

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Standing as a steadfast force behind the scenes, Kevin Harlan’s wife, Ann Harlan, plays an integral role in propelling his remarkable career to new heights.

Kevin Harlan is a highly respected American sports announcer known for his work in both television and radio broadcasting.

He has been a prominent NFL play-by-play announcer for CBS, demonstrating his expertise and enthusiasm for the sport.

In fact, he has been consistently broadcasting NFL games for an impressive 39 consecutive seasons, highlighting his longevity and commitment to his craft.

 Kevin Harlan Clapping
Kevin Harlan Clapping (Source;

Additionally, Harlan has garnered acclaim for his NBA commentary on TNT. With 38 years of experience broadcasting NBA games, he has become a familiar voice for basketball fans nationwide.

Kevin Harlan has been recognized for his exceptional work as a sports broadcaster, earning the prestigious title of National Sportscaster of the Year not once but twice.

Furthermore, He is the third most prolific play-by-play commentator in network sports broadcasts for one of the four major sports.

Sportscaster Kevin Harlan And Wife

In addition to being a popular sportscaster, Kevin Harlan is a proud husband and Father.

He has been married to Ann Harlan since 1987, and together they have four children named Haley, Abigail, Rob, and Olivia Harlan.

Ann has been a supportive partner throughout Kevin’s successful career, although she leads a more private life. Their loving relationship has been instrumental in Kevin’s achievements.

Kevin Harlan Daughter
Kevin Harlan With His Daughter Olivia (Source:

One of their children, Olivia Harlan, has followed in her father’s footsteps and made a name for herself in media production.

She has become a successful sports commentator, working with prestigious networks such as SEC and ESPN.

Olivia’s marriage to NBA player Sam Dekker has also garnered attention from fans and the media.

As Kevin continues to captivate audiences with his remarkable broadcasting skills, his family provides unwavering support. They serve as a major source of inspiration for him.

Kevin Harlem Steller Commenteries

Kevin Harlan garnered considerable praise for his exceptional calls in the NCAA tournament and the NBA playoffs.

During Furman’s upset win against UVA in the NCAA tournament, Harlan’s incredible commentary captured the excitement of the game-winning shot, earning him accolades.

CBS even released behind-the-scenes footage of his reaction, which went viral.

In the fourth quarter of the Sixers-Nets playoff game, Harlan showcased his skills again by adding even more excitement to the intense matchup.

His vintage calls during crucial moments include Tyrese Maxey’s three-pointer and Joel Embiid’s game-sealing block.

It further solidified his reputation as one of the best play-by-play announcers in American sports.

Kevin Harlan Sixers-Nets Playoff Game
Kevin Harlan At Sixers-Nets Playoff Game

During Jimmy Butler’s outstanding playoff performance for the Miami Heat against the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Kevin Harlan’s commentary added to the excitement of the game.

When Butler hit a crucial three-pointer late in the fourth quarter to secure the victory for Miami, Harlan’s call perfectly captured the moment.

With the shot bouncing off the back rim and then finding its way into the basket, Harlan exclaimed, “Good! Jimmy Freaking Butler puts it in!”. His passionate call further intensified the incredible shot.

Harlan’s ability to enhance fans’ enjoyment of a game was evident in these instances, where his calls perfectly complemented the thrilling moments on the court.

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