Spud Webb Bio: Family, Basketball Career, Retirement & Kids

Basketball legends and former NBA superstar Spud Webb had a remarkable career on the court during Basketball’s 12 years career. He made the headline multiple times with his noteworthy performance in court.

Webb legendary career made him untouchable within the NBA family and the greatest of all the time.

He set history by winning the Slam Dunk Contest despite being one of the NBA’s shortest players. After a highly dedicated career, Webb retired from basketball.

Spud made his debut with NBA, and in the NBA, only two players were shorter than him, Muggsy Bogues and Earl Boykins.

In this article, we’ll be discussing a lot more about Spud Webb from his personal to professional life. Please stick with us until the end of the article to get more on this legendary player Spudd Webb.

Spud Webb
Spud Webb

Before moving on, let’s have a look at the quick facts about Spud Webb

Quick Facts

Full NameMichael Anthony Jerome “Spud” Webb
Birth DateJuly 13, 1963
Birth PlaceDallas, Texas
Known AsSpud Webb
EducationWilmer-Hutchins High School
Midland College
North Carolina State University
Father’s NameDavid Webb
Mother’s NameKatie Webb
SiblingsYes (Five)
Age58 Years Old
Height5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight133 lb (60 kg)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Body MeasurementUnknow
ProfessionProfessional Basketball Player
PositionPoint Guard
Active Years1985-1998
Marital Status/ WifeUnmarried/ Unknown
MerchandiseRookie Card, Autographed Basketball Card
Net Worth$10 Million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Last UpdateOctober, 2022

Spud Webb | Early Life, Family, and Education

Spud was born on July 13, 1963, somewhere in Dallas, Texas. He was born to the proud parents David Webb and Katie Webb.

Along with five of his siblings, Webb spent childhood together with their parents with lots of memories.

The talented basketball childhood was not so lavish as compared to others.

He grew up in a low-income family where they struggled hard to make ends meet. The eight family members lived in a small two-bedroom house in Dallas.

Squd with his Mother
Spud with his mother

Spud used to look for inspiration in anything and later found that basketball was something he loved to escape from his family condition.

So from an early age in his life, he began playing basketball. However, Webb was not so tall, but his jumping ability was much higher than the tall kids of his age.

His family members and friends were not supportive and used to say that Spud was too short for playing basketball.

He was also rejected on the school basketball team in grade seventh. Spud worked hard on his speed and accuracy without any guts and kept practicing and improving his skill.


Talking about the academic records of Webb, he joined Wilmer-Hutchins High School in Dallas.

After a successful high-school degree, the young basketball player attended Midland College in Midland, Texas, from 1981-1983.

For the higher study, Spud attended North Carolina State University from 1983-1985. He was a scholarship holder at the University.

Spud Webb | Age, Height, and Physical Appearances

As of now, Spud is 58 years, born under the sun-sign Cancer. People with the Cancer sun sign are very emotional and sensitive and care deeply about family and career matters.

Spud somewhere matches with the character. Moreover, by his birth name, the basketball player is also known as Michael Anthony Jerome “Spud” Webb.

Following special diet routines and exercise, Webb is blessed when it comes to his weight. He weighs around133 lb (60 kg). He stands at the height of 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m).

This height is considered as shortest height for basketball players. But Spud proved that height had nothing much to do if you have passion and skills for any field.

Young Squd (Short Height)
Young Spud (Short Height)

Spud follows a strict diet regimen to remain healthy and stay fit to continue to play basketball.

His black hair and black pair of eyes complement his smooth skin, not to mention his muscular body structure. Sadly, his other measurements are unknown now, but we will update you on those soon.

He belongs to American nationality, but his ethnicity and religion are unknown.

Spud Webb | Basketball Career

Early Career

As mentioned earlier, Spud showed a knee interest in basketball from an early phase of his life.

Although he faced many difficulties with his short height, he did not stop playing basketball. Instead, he used that to his advantage.

His jumping score was also relatively high than the other players.

He wanted to join the school basketball team but got rejected because of his short height. But with continuous practice, he improved his skills and joined the school basketball team as a junior.

Squd Playing for Wilmer-Hutchins High School
Spud Playing for Wilmer-Hutchins High School

In the first game with the school basketball team, Webb surprised everyone by scoring 22 points.

After entering Wilmer-Hutchins High School initially, he faced the same issue, height.

The team put spud on the Junior varsity team during high school, where he surprised audiences with an average of 26 score points per game.

Despite performing regularly well in high-school basketball, Webb became challenging to find a college interested in him. Most of the college rejected him because of Spud’s small height.

Spud for Chaparrals
Spud for Chaparrals

Luckily, he received an opportunity to show off his basketball skills when he joined the Midland College basketball team ‘Chaparrals.’ The talented player led the Chaparrals team to win the junior college national title in 1982.

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In the final game against Miami-Dade of Florida, Spud scored 36 points, with which he became a national headline. Sports Illustrated wrote an article on him.


Moreover, Webb was named ‘NJCAA-All American’ by the ‘NJCAA,’ or the ‘National Junior College Athletic Association.

An assistant coach of the North Carolina State University, Tom Abatemarco, became impressed with Spud and arranged a meeting with Jim Valvano, the head coach’s university basketball team.

After some conversation, Jim wanted Webb to join the university basketball team and even offered a university scholarship.

Webb played for three years (1983-1985) with the university basketball team averaging 10.4 points and 5.7 assists.

Professional Career

After a successful university basketball career, he was drafted by Detroit Pistons in the 1985 NBA Draft. But Spud made his debut with the Atlanta Hawks and played for the first six seasons from 1985–1991.

Webb Playing for Hawks
Webb is Playing for the Hawks

In the first season with Atlanta, he scored 7.8 points per game in the 79 games he played for the team.

In 1986-87, his score dropdown from 6.8 to 6.0. Sadly in 1988-89 seasons, his performance was degraded, scoring an average of 3.9 points per game.

In the last two seasons with the Hawks, he made a strong comeback, scoring an average of 9.2 and 13.4 points. After many ups and downs with Atlanta, Spud left Atlanta and joined Sacramento Kings in 1991.

At Sacramento Kings, he gave his career-best performance in the first year, scoring an average of 16.0 points per game.

Spud played for three more seasons, with Kings scoring an average of 14.5, 12.7, and 11.6 points per game.

After spending four years with the Kings, the native American player left the team and reunited with Atlanta Hawks for the 1995 season.

For the 1995-1996 season, Webb joined Minnesota Timberwolves. Before retiring from Basketball in 1998, Spud played with two more teams, Mash J. Verona (1997-98) and Orlando Magic (1998).

After that, the talented and hardworking player officially retired from basketball.

In the 12 years of his basketball career, Webb played 814 games with an average of 9.9 points per game, registering 8,072 points and 4,342 assists.

Post Retirement

After retirement from basketball, Webb participated in the NBA Slam Dunk contest and became the shortest player in history to enter the contest.

Squd after winning Slam Dunk Contest
Spud after winning Slam Dunk Contest

After winning the contest, everyone in the competition became surprised with Spud’s performance, besides having other taller players from the audience participate.

In the 2010 Dunk contest, Webb was a judge for the contest held in Dallas at the American Airlines Center. I

He is currently the president of basketball operations for the Texas Legends, the G League team for the Dallas Mavericks in Frisco, Texas.

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Career Stats


Spud Webb | Wife and Kids

Spud is stringent when it comes to his personal life. He tries to keep most of the information in a private space, i.e., secret. However, Webb fans are always eager to know about the different dips and highs in his life.

When talking about Webb’s love life, he is not seen with any lady romancing around or dating.

When asked about his love life, different sources believe that he’s not a married man and is single. But the basketball player has confirmed that he has a daughter named Lauren.

Webb with Daughter Lauren
Webb with Daughter Lauren

We can see Spud posting pictures of his daughter on different social media sites. However, the mother of Lauren is not mentioned anywhere. If found, the NBA’ll update the readers soon.

Spud Webb | Net Worth and Salary

The American-born basketball player Spud has made a successful career out of his professional career.

Likewise, he has been active as a professional basketball player ever since his draft in NBL in 1985. Since then, in twelve years, Webb has earned recognition worldwide.

Well, it’s not only the name and fame Spud has earned throughout these years. But, it has pocketed plenty of million-dollars earnings.

As of 2021, the net-worth of Spud is estimated to be around $10 Million.

And most of his fortune came from accumulated cash earnings from his successful basketball career and winning tournaments.

Additionally, at the beginning of his NBL career, his salary at Atlanta Hawks was $510,000.

Likewise, after joining Sacramento Kings, Spud received $560,000 in the first year and then $1,317,000, $1,567,000, and $2,071,600 in the second, third, and fourth year.

He was also paid handsomely, a whopping amount worth $1,800,000 when he joined Atlanta Hawks before retiring from basketball.

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He is earning well and doing a great job. Not much is disclosed about how he spends his salary, and he keeps this a secret.

At present, Spud is living a lavish life and enjoying his life by spending time with family and traveling to different places enjoying different vacations.

Squd Enjoying vacation in San Diego
Spud Enjoying vacation in San Diego

Sadly, Hinch has not revealed anything related to his assets like his Bungalow, car, and other property; he has kept it all a secret.

Spud Webb | Dunk Contest

Spud Webb played in 814 games during his 12-year career in the NBA, but his most crucial highlight didn’t happen in any contests.

It occurred at the 1986 Slam Dunk Contest during Webb’s rookie period.

Webb is listed at just 5’6, short for an average person, much less an NBA player, and it looks like there’s definitely no way he can dunk a basketball.

The highlights of him in the 1986 dunk contest seem like something out of an NBA-themed Breaking Madden, except in real life.

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Spud Webb | Social Media Presence

The former basketball player is very active on social media. Spud has created numerous fan followers worldwide with his hardworking and dedication to basketball.

Spud’s popularity has grown steadily over the years, especially on social networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where he is most active.

He has a significant presence on the social networking site Twitter and Instagram. However, he does not have accounts on other popular sites like Facebook and Youtube channels.

Growing Influence on Social Media Sites 

Spud communicates with his fans through social media sites.

On Instagram, he’s available as spudwebb86 making 24.1k followers as of 2021. His Instagram posts are mostly related to his working place and colleagues.

One can also see Webb posting pictures of his daughter Lauren Webb. Also, his account is well organized and looks clean. At present, he has shared nearly 86posts on his Instagram account.

The talented basketball player joined Twitter in November 2013 and has tweeted only around four times until now.

He is not so very active with his Twitter account and has been able to gain only 557 followers. Also, he is available on Twitter as @swebb_anthony.

Additionally, he is seen in many interviews describing stuff related to his professional career and life.

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Spud Webb | Some FAQs

Which Position did Spud play for? Does he have an error card?

Spud played in the Point Guard position throughout his basketball career. 

Yes, Spud Webb has an error card which is a Spud Webb No. 115 1989-90 Hoops. There, the error states that Spud was signed as a free agent on 9/27/89, while he was signed as a free agent on 9/26/85.  

What are other hobbies of Spud besides basketball?

Spud has a keen interest in Golf. He even practices it daily and is often seen on the Golf course.

Who are Spud Siblings?

Spud has five siblings: Renee Webb, Stephanie Webb, Reginald Webb, David Webb Jr., and Janice Smith. 

What’s the Jersey Number? What are his basketball and trading cards worth?

Spud’s Jersey Number is 4. As a matter of fact, Spud Webb’s trading and basketball cards’ value may range anywhere between $1 to $1,500 or even more. 

What is the card value of the 2013 Prizm Chrome Spud Webb basketball card?

The card’s value is estimated at $4 on Amazon. 

When did Spud retire from Basketball? What is his vertical leap?

Spud retired from basketball in the year 1998 at the age of 35. Also, Spud Webb maintained his vertical leap at 32 inches. 

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