Steelers Andy Russell Wife Cindy And Kids Remember His Legacy

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Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Andy Russell passed away recently, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered by his wife, family, and the sporting world.

Subsequently, Andy and his wife were active philanthropists, showing their involvement in different charities.

Former NFL Linebacker Andy Russell
Former NFL Linebacker Andy Russell (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Andy Russell, born on October 29, 1941, was an accomplished American professional football player.

He devoted his 12-year career to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League (NFL), playing as a linebacker and winning two Super Bowl titles.

Russell honed his skills in college football with the Missouri Tigers and furthered his academic achievements by obtaining Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in economics from the University of Missouri.

Andy Russell Wife

The former linebacker spent a long marital life with his wife, Cindy. Subsequently, the couple shared an enduring bond of love and trust lasting an eternity.

Navigating the challenges of professional sports, especially the NFL, is daunting. Hence, having a supportive figure to go hand-in-hand through the challenges and struggles is a massive advantage.

 That is what Andy had in the form of his wife, Cindy. A significant credit for his success in the NFL gridiron goes to his ever-supportive life partner.

Moreover, even after his NFL days, the couple started different ventures together. They often appeared in sporting matches and special ceremonies, displaying their long-lasting unity.

Andy Russell And Wife Cindy
Andy Russell And Wife Cindy (Source: Playworld)

Aside from their love and bond, their marriage also resulted in a large and beautiful familial unit.

They were parents to two children and grandparents to seven grandchildren. Andy and Cindy made Pittsburgh their home in the latter stages of his life.

Undoubtedly, the lasting impact of Andy will be eternally cherished by the city of Pittsburgh, a legacy that will be passed down through his wife and future generations.

Contributions To The Community

Perhaps more significant than his NFL career is the undying dedication of Andy Russell to contribute to the community. He has donated to organizations involved in child care, animal rights, cancer research, and more.

Among his many charitable works, a notable one is the Andy Russell Foundation. Established in March 1999, it was primarily founded to donate funds to initiatives for children.

The foundation endorses various programs, focusing on vital research organizations dedicated to the well-being of children.

Andy Was Involved In A Lot Of Charity Works
Andy Was Involved In A Lot Of Charity Work (Source: Andy Russell Charitable Foundation)

Up until now, the foundation has provided support to various charities, including but not limited to the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund, The Ronald McDonald House, Leukemia Society, The Cancer Society, Economics PA, Cystic Fibrosis, Mothers Hope, Juvenile Diabetes, SIDS, and Pittsburgh Vision Services.

Moreover, the philanthropic spirit of Russell is also shared by his wife. Subsequently, Cindy is a passionate advocate for animal rights and holds a position on the Board of Animal Friends, a comprehensive non-kill animal welfare organization dedicated to serving the larger Pittsburgh region.

Undoubtedly, Andy Russell has etched an immortal legacy through his charity works, ensuring that his impact on the community and those he has helped will endure for generations.

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