Stefanie van der Gragt Partner Maryze Borst & Kids

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Stefanie van der Gragt’s partner, Maryze Borst, is an accountant for a Dutch company. Maryze and Stefanie have been together for a decade. 

Though it’s not certain whether the couple has tied the knot, the two are parents to a couple of bundle of joys. The couple’s new addition to the family was earlier this year in April in the form of a baby boy.

Stefanie van der Gragt And Her Partner Maryze Borst Pictured With Their Firstborn In 2021
Stefanie van der Gragt And Her Partner Maryze Borst Pictured With Their Firstborn In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

One of the most decorated players in women’s soccer, Van der Gragt, couldn’t receive the fairytale ending she had hoped. Spain emerged victorious against her Dutch side in the quarterfinal, filled with drama and emotion.

Van der Gragt will now take up the role of technical manager at her former club AZ Alkmaar, giving her more time to spend with her family.

The Dutch side might have lost a talented player in Stefanie, but the future is bright for a team with a player like Esmee Brugts emerging during the tournament.

Stefanie van der Gragt Partner, Maryze Borst Is A Soccer Player

Stefanie van der Gragt’s partner, Maryze Borst, comes from an athletic background. The former soccer player hasn’t gone into detail about her romantic life with Maryze but shares Instagram posts now and then. 

Maryze is an MBA graduate completing her study at Markus Verbeek Praehep’s learning center in 2018. She works as a Junior Assistant Accountant at VvAA, a business services provider for professionals in the Dutch healthcare sector. 

Stefanie van der Gragt's Partner Maryze Borst Looks Lovingly At Her Daughter Noe Linn
Stefanie van der Gragt’s Partner, Maryze Borst, Looks Lovingly At Her Daughter Noe Linn (Source: Instagram)

Maryze does have an Instagram handle but has kept her account private. Many might not know this, but Maryze is also a soccer player. 

Until 2020, there existed pictures of Maryze wearing the jersey of the Dutch women’s team VV Winkel. Going through her Facebook handle, Maryze has been with the soccer team since 2012. 

She has shared a series of pictures with her side, including a snap of her trying to slot it past the goalkeeper. Previously, Maryze also worked for WEA Accountants & Advisors before quitting her job in 2017.

Stefanie van der Gragt, And Partner Maryze Borst Relationship

Stefanie van der Gragt and her partner Maryze Borst began dating in 2012. Though we do not see any pictures of them of that time on Stefanie’s Instagram handle, Maryze has revealed it on her Facebook handle.

On August 23, 2012, Maryze shared a Facebook post declaring her and Stefanie’s relationship status. Two years after sharing that post, Maryze uploaded pictures of her and Stefanie, captioning it, “Sweet.”

Stefanie And Maryza Began Dating In 2012, With Maryza Sharing The Snap In 2014 On Occasion Of Her Partner's 22nd Birthday
Stefanie And Maryza Began Dating In 2012, With Maryza Sharing The Snap In 2014 On The Occasion Of Her Partner’s 22nd Birthday (Source: Facebook)

In July 2014, the couple took a trip to the Dutch city of Heerhugowaard, with Maryze sharing a couple of snaps from their vacation. A month later, the accountant also shared an appreciation post for her girlfriend, who turned 22. 

Stefanie And Maryze Share Two Kids 

Stefanie’s first post with Maryze on her Instagram handle came in 2020. It was also the post where the former soccer player announced the couple were expecting their first child.

Gragt shared a picture of her hugging Maryze from behind while making a heart sign near her growing belly. The former Barcelona player captioned the post, “1+1=3.”

On November 7, 2020, Maryze gave birth to the couple’s first child, Noé Linn, with Stefanie sharing a sweet picture of Maryze holding their newborn.

Stefanie And Maryza Celebrate Their First Christmas As A Family Of Three With Their Daughter, Noe, In 2020
Stefanie And Maryza Celebrate Their First Christmas As A Family Of Three With Their Daughter, Noe, In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

Last year on October 1, the couple announced they were expecting their second child. Gragt announced the news by hanging an ultrasound picture in a chain around Noé’s neck.

The couple’s second child and first baby boy arrived earlier this year on April 14. In a recent interview, Stefanie talked about how she would love to spend more time with her kids.

So, Stefanie might miss playing soccer, but at this point in her life, she considers spending time with her family even more important.

During the conversation with the Dutch website Noordhollands Dagblad, Maryze said Stefanie hadn’t been able to spend much time with their newborn Sky.

When she left for soccer practice, Stefanie would have to support his little head, but now he can turn from his stomach to his back and side.

Though Maryze records those moments and sends them to Stefanie, the former soccer player explains it’s not the same as being present to witness them. 

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