Stephen Curry’s Birthday Shenanigans

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The “Greatest Shooter” in NBA history, Stephen Curry, celebrated his 33rd birthday on 14th March 2021. The Curry kids made sure that their dad had the best birthday gift and made it extra special with an exciting scavenger hunt.

The shooter for Golden State Warrior celebrated his birthday in his style, scoring 32 points, shooting five rebounds, and giving nine assists, but something else was more special to him than the game; his kicks.

The star wore a brand new pair of Curry 8s, customized curry 8s, the “Gifted Flow” exclusively designed for him by his kids.

The latest Curry eight has a pink and blue color scheme with solid white soles and his signature high wings printed on the side in white. Stephen posted a picture of him and his kids with the kicks.

The Curry Kids 

The Currys refer to three of their kids as a unicorn, butterfly, and wolf. The unicorn is their eldest daughter, the butterfly is their second-born daughter, and the wolf is their son.

The couple even has matching tattoos; they have inked each animal’s face, honoring their kids.

Likewise, the Curry Kids, Riley Elizabeth, aged 8; Ryan Carson, aged 5; and Canon, aged 2, made sure that their dad had all the birthday fun he deserves.

They, not all only designed his shoes but presented them to him in the best way possible.

Steph posted a heartwarming video of him searching for his gift throughout the house along with his kids.




The Birthday

His entire family was present at the chase center to watch him flaunt his new pair of shoes on the court, winning the game over with ease.

However, this is not the first he has played on his big day; in fact, it is his 5th time playing on his birthday in 12 years of his NBA career.

When reporters asked him whether his birthday was perfect as it is in the storybooks, he jokingly replied, “Nah, because I missed my free throw, and I missed my 33rd point for the 33rd birthday. High standards over here.”

Linked down below is all the full video of Stephen Curry‘s birthday special scavenger hunt.

Regardless Stephen reported his satisfaction over the win, appreciation for all the love he has received, happiness over getting to spend the rest of his day with his family quietly at home.

Expressing his gratitude for all the birthday wishes he received, he tweeted,

“Straight cheesin with a young wolf. The only thing better than winning is a win on the bday with my fam!! Thank you for the love and well wishes #dubnation, much appreciated.”

With the picture of him and his young son Cannon.

The Curry 8

Under Armor, the famous sports apparel brand has a whole clothing line collaborated with Stephen Curry.

Started with the motto “Changing the game for good,” Steph and Under Armor claim their goal is to make a lasting impact.

Changing the game refers to Steph changing the game on the court and at communities.

The company and Curry both assert that they are committed to ‘changing the game for communities who need it most by bringing the joy of sports to every kid. That means breaking down the barriers to performance by committing our resources to provide access to programs, coaching development, safe places to play, and great gear.’

In Curry’s own words,

“Curry Brand is about changing the game for good. It’s achieving greatness no matter what your circumstances are. It’s about pushing yourself to the limits… it’s about impact at the end of the day.”

The label has every gear one requires, a t-shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, tights, tanks, hoodie, pants, and jackets for all, men, women, and kids. Each item bears a Curry logo, either his name, jersey number or the “high wings.”

The latest, besides, is Curry’s birthday present, the Curry flow 8.

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