Stephen Curry scores 32 point to celebrate his 33rd Birthday

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Stephen Curry scores 32 points for Golden State Warrior’s win over current western conference No. 1 Utah Jazz on his birthday 

The NBA league’s only unanimous MVP and Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry celebrates his 33rd Birthday on warriors’ home ground, Chase Centre.

He gave the Warriors’ fans gifts with the win and more reason to celebrate his birthday this Sunday.

In the previous match against the clippers, Stephen Curry yelled at his team for not performing well, surprising many people.

 Everyone was eager to see how GSW would perform and whether Steph can lead his team to get the much-needed win.

Everyone’s eye on Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry and Golden State Warriors have difficulty getting the wins. With his team not performing well, he lost his cool on his teammates in the previous match against the Clippers.

Individually, Stephen Curry is having a great year with NBA All-Star starter for the 7th time, winning a 3point contest for the second time.

He is selected for the Olympics basketball Team representing the USA with his teammate Draymond Green.

On the other hand, his team is having difficulty winning in the league this season. Recently, they were losing four matches in a row. That four matches losing streak broke this Sunday.

As they got the much-needed win over Utah Jazz to boost their confidence and break four games losing streak.

Stephen Curry dropped the team’s high 32 points with 5 rebounds, 9 assists, and 1 steal over 36 minutes to get the 12 points lead.

Stephen Curry 32 points vs. Utah

Everyone was waiting for this game to see how GSW and Steph would perform against one of the best in the league.

It’s no surprise for one of the greatest shooters to do what he always does.

Stephen Curry against Utah Jazz
Stephen Curry against Utah Jazz (pic source: google image)

He started with an assist to Andrew Wiggins and scored 1st bucket with 3 points. He made 14 1st quarter points.

Steph managed to get 6 for 9 behind the arc. He made 9 assists for the team and scored a total of 32 points. He continued to average 29.3 points and 6.2 assists this season in this game too.

Steph on his team and the win

Steph contributed and led his team to the win in the match against Utah. With the win, he celebrated his birthday on Warrior’s ground.

It was a great night for Steph and his team. Sharing the win with NBATV, he said, “we’ve had nights like this before. I think tonight was the first time we beat a good team.”

Stephen Curry at Chase Centre
Stephen Curry at Chase Centre(source: google image)

He added, “We establish ourselves early and maintain it. I think our confidence is always the.

“You have to go out and improve it and execute it to validate it,” added Steph. “It also sets you up for the expectation because you can be the team like we did tonight.”

“You have to be able to sustain that, and that’s our challenge, and it’s been our challenge the whole year.”

With all the birthday wishes and shoes specially designed by his kids for his game and his son’s watching by his side. Good things were bound to occur.

Birthday wishes for the greatest shooter of All-time in the NBA

Stephen Curry‘s kids surprised him with a pair of shoes that they designed for him.

His brother 76ers’ Seth Curry wished him a happy birthday on sports Philadelphia and Instagram story.

NBATV made a small compilation of Stephen Curry’s Best Handles vs. every team on their youtube channel for his birthday.

Many people, from his family, his teammates to fans, wished him on Twitter and Instagram.

NBA’s one of the versatile frontcourt and defenders, and Steph’s teammate Draymond green wished him and said, “got your back.”

He is the heart and soul of the Golden State warrior and great support to Steph.

GSW teammate Eric Paschall considered him a goat and wished him on Twitter.

Golden State Warriors celebrated Steph’s birthday with a popcorn birthday cake.

Stephen Curry and his success

Born on March 14, 1998, Stephen Curry has been dubbed as the greatest shooter in NBA. 

He has revolutionized the game of Basketball by inspiring to utilize the three-point shot more often.

The 3time NBA champion and 2 time MVP Stephen Curry is the son of a former NBA player and older brother of current NBA payer Seth Curry.

He holds the record for most three made in the regular season with 402 three made and is the only player in NBA history to win the NBA MVP award unanimously.

He holds numerous such records and has become one of the greatest basketball players the league has ever seen.

Analysts have referred to him as the “Michael Jordan of the three-point era as he did for the three-point shot was what Jordan did for the dunk.

He made 11 of 13 shots from behind the arc against Newyork Knicks on February 27, 2013.

This was considered the start of the new era. The era is known as ” The Steph Effect and “the NBA’s Three-point Revolution”.

The effect that he has had on the game was not an easy job for him, and his journey towards that success was never an easy thing to achieve.

He faced a lot of rejection from big colleges. These rejections only motivated him to do better and develop his skill more.

This devotion and passion towards his game made him more successful and earned him a huge fanbase inspired by his style of play.

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