Stetson Bennett Mental Health: Rams QB Off Field Issues

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The NFL fans and media have expressed their concern about Stetson Bennett’s well-being, with the majority speculating he might be dealing with mental health issues.

Well, the specific nature of the players’ illness remains unrevealed. Respecting Stetson’s privacy, the team and coach have been cautious in sharing information about his health.

As of now, they have requested the fan base to respect the in-house decision to keep things private.

Stetson might be having a hard time dealing with his issues, but the love and concern from his loved ones will undoubtedly help him progress.

NFL Rams Quarterback, Stetson Bennett
NFL Rams Quarterback Stetson Bennett (Source: Instagram)

An emerging athlete, Stetson Bennett, plays as quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams in the National Football League (NFL).

The Pierce County High School graduate began his collegiate career as a walk-on at Georgia before transferring to Jones College.

After a year, Bennett returned to Georgia as a second-string quarterback and led the team to back-to-back national championships.

In the 2023 NFL Draft, the Rams selected him in the fourth round as the 128th overall pick.

However, Stetson hasn’t been with the team since the beginning of the season and is unlikely to return this year. The Rams have placed him on the non-football injury list since September. 

Stetson Bennett Mental Health: Is He Okay?

Stetson Bennett’s mental health has become a matter of concern not just within his fan base but across the NFL community.

When he got picked in the NFL, fans were looking forward to him serving as a backup quarterback behind the starter Matthew Stafford.

But the rookie’s NFL journey took an unexpected turn when the Rams put him on the reserve list in September 2023. This move has raised concerns among fans about the player’s well-being.

On the other hand, the team hasn’t shared specific information about his condition, citing privacy concerns.

During an interview, Rams head coach Sean McVay described Stetson’s issue as being “more important than” football. 

Stetson Bennett Illness Is Unrelated To Football
Stetson Bennett Illness Is Unrelated To Football (Source: Instagram)

The coach McVay stated,

“Out of respect for him and the situation, I’m going to leave all the specifics in particulars in-house and want to be able to do that out of respect for that situation, so not going to really have any follow-up information or anything that I’ll give in that regards after that.”

Amid this, Stetson’s mental health has sparked speculations, creating a sense of concern and uncertainty.

Several online reports have hinted at the possibility of Stetson dealing with mental health challenges, probably anxiety or depression.

On the contrary, speculations have been going around about physical illnesses that might require medical treatment. 

Similarly, some Rams fans have raised concerns about the possibility of him contracting an infectious disease.

However, Coach Sean McVay has confirmed that his condition is unrelated to football injury.

While the coach hasn’t shared more details about his illness, he did give an update on his overall well-being.

Therefore, he shared that he has been in contact with Stetson, and the athlete is doing well.

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