Steve Cooper Wife: Is The Soccer Manager Married?

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There are not many details about Steve Cooper wife except for the fact that he has mentioned her casually in an interview.

He has also mentioned that he has two children with her. One of them is his son, Alex. 

Steve Cooper Carrying A Trophy That He Won
Steve Cooper Carrying A Trophy That He Won (Source: Instagram)

Steve Cooper is a soccer manager who was born in Pontypridd, Wales, on December 10, 1979. Although he was born in Pontypridd he later moved to nearby Hopkinstown with his family. 

Cooper played as a defender for a number of Welsh clubs, notably Bangor City, while also studying for his coaching badges.

He took management of Wrexham and later Liverpool’s academies. He was one of the youngest coaches to receive his UEFA Pro License at the age of 27.

Furthermore, Cooper took over as manager of the England Under-16s in 2014, before moving on to the Under-17s a year later.

He led the team to the final of the 2017 UEFA European Championship but was beaten by Spain.

But they swiftly redeemed their loss over the Spaniards in the FIFA Under-17 World Cup final. Cooper joined Swansea City in June 2019 and led them to the 2020/21 playoff final.

Steve Cooper Wife And Children 

Steve Cooper has been married to his wife for several years now but her name still remains a mystery. 

In an interview with The Athletic, Cooper revealed details about his wife and children. The year was 2020 and Cooper was still managing Swansea during the time of the interview. 

The couple have two children together who live with their mother. His wife and children were living in Wrexham, which is at the other end of the country from Swansea.

They were not living separately because of any kind of problems but because he had to work at Swansea. 

The Details About Steve Cooper Wife Is Not Well Known
The Details About Steve Cooper Wife Is Not Well Known (Source: Instagram)

Cooper loves having random conversations with his son Alex. He says that he frequently tries to inform his son regarding the negative side of social media. 

Copper feels like Alex can be affected by the negative comments from fans and haters. Especially when the team’s performance is below acceptable levels. 

Copper’s wife and children all support him very dearly without conditions. They even proudly wear the jerseys of Cooper’s teams despite the results. 

Cooper says that he can relate to his children because even his father was once a soccer star. 

His father, Keith Cooper, was a Premier League referee. Fans would often raw him into controversies because of his decisions. Yet Steve and the rest of the family always stood firmly by his side. 

Forest Has Sacked Cooper 

Nottingham Forest has sacked manager Cooper amid a challenging stretch this season. The sack comes after losing five of the last six games.

Owner Evangelos Marinakis, concerned about the team’s performance, made the decision on Tuesday.

Talks are ongoing with former Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo as a potential replacement.

Forest, currently 17th in the Premier League, won only once in the last 13 games, accumulating eight points.

Forest Has Recently Sacked Steve Cooper
Forest Has Recently Sacked Steve Cooper (Source: Instagram)

However, Fans have backed Cooper and Marinakis is facing a lot of criticism for it. 

Nuno, previously with Wolves and Spurs, recently led Al-Ittihad to the Saudi Pro League title but was sacked in November.

Yet fan opinions still vary, with some supporting Cooper’s legacy, while others question Nuno’s potential appointment.

The team faces Bournemouth on Saturday, with fixtures against Newcastle United and Manchester United ahead.

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