Steve Emtman Wife And Net Worth: All About Former NFL Player

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Steve Emtman Wife: Former NFL player Steve Emtman lives with his wife and children in his hometown of Cheney, Washington.

A generational star in college, followed by a stop-start NFL career and ventures into coaching and real estate, Steve Emtman has been through quite the journey.

With his diverse portfolio, he has secured a decent net worth. Additionally, Steve Emtman and his wife are also involved in charity.

Steve Emtman And His Wife
Steve Emtman And His Wife (Source: Champions 4 Children)

Born on April 16, 1970, Steve is a native of Washington, United States. He started his amateur career at his local Cheney High School.

Steve’s footballing journey skyrocketed in college after acquiring a scholarship from the University of Washington.

His college career was one for the ages, winning multiple teams and singular accolades.

Recognizing this, he was even inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

Subsequently, he was chosen as the number 1 pick in the 1992 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

However, his NFL career would be defined by injuries and setbacks. Playing only 50 games spanning 5 seasons, his professional career could not reach the highs of his college days.

Apart from his sporting career, he has ventured into acting and television.

Currently, Steve enjoys a laid-back life in his home state of Washington as a real-estate developer.

Steve Emtman Wife And Family

Residing in Cheney, Washington, Steve shares his home with his wife and four children, although the public remains unaware of his wife’s name.

Despite the couple’s preference for privacy, glimpses into their family moments can be found in available online photos.

Beyond their personal space, Steve and his wife are actively engaged in philanthropy, notably supporting the “Champions 4 Children” foundation.

Their commitment to charitable endeavors is a testament to their belief in positively impacting the lives of children in need within their local community.

Steve Emtman Family
Steve Emtman Family (Source: Champions 4 Children)

In a lighthearted moment shared during a Seattle Times interview, Steve revealed his playful desire for his son, Hank, to pursue a future as a linebacker instead of following in the footsteps of a quarterback.

With humor and affection, Steve mused about the athletic aspirations of his 15-month-old, who already exhibits a robust physical presence.

Choosing to lead a life away from the glaring spotlight of mainstream media, the family enjoys a sense of privacy, allowing them to navigate their daily routines and endeavors with discretion.

What Is Steve’s Net Worth?

A talented defensive end back in the day, Steve might be enjoying a hefty net worth that he earned from his high-profile career.  

As the number 1 pick, he had signed up for a $5 million bumper contract with the Indianapolis Colts.

With the team, he was on a base salary of an annual $1 million for three years.

Commencing, he would join the Dolphins on a significant pay cut to $178,000 but still a signing-on bonus of over $750,000.

However, as injuries mounted on his body, teams were unwilling to pay him the same money in the coming seasons.

Emtman In Action For The Colts
Emtman In Action For The Colts (Source: Pinterest)

Further, he appeared on small contracts for the Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers.

Overall, Steve’s total career earnings in the NFL amounted to $8.8 million, with salaries and add-ons.

Following his NFL career, he had a brief coaching stint in 2007. To add, he has also had cameo appearances in films and TV.

Currently, the former linebacker works in the construction and real estate businesses.

Overall, highly lucrative early NFL contracts followed by ventures into different fields post-retirement have led to Steve Emtman’s net worth being in the millions.

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