Steve Okoniewski Obituary And Death Cause: Former NFL Player Wife & Kids

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Steve Okoniewski Obituary: In loving memory of Steve Okoniewski, we pay tribute to a Montana legend, remembering his contributions, both on the football field and in the realm of education, who have left an enduring legacy.

However, Steve’s obituary marks the end of a remarkable journey, celebrating his legacy as a Grizzly All-American and shedding light on his significant contributions to education and coaching after his six-year NFL career.

His impact on Montana and Wisconsin’s high school football community will be remembered with gratitude.

Steve Okoniewski, A Former American Football Defensive Tackle
Steve Okoniewski, A Former American Football Defensive Tackle (Source: Montana Football Hall of Fame)

Steve Okoniewski is an American football defensive tackle who played in the NFL for six exciting seasons.

Born on August 22, 1949, in Bremerton, Washington, Steve’s love for the game started in high school at Central Kitsap in Silverdale.

He continued to play college football for the University of Washington and Montana.

In the 1972 NFL Draft, Steve was chosen by the Buffalo Bills in the second round, showing off his incredible skills as a defensive tackle.

He went on to play for the Green Bay Packers and St. Louis Cardinals, leaving his mark on the field.

But Steve’s story doesn’t end there. After NFL days, he became the principal at Luxemburg-Casco High School in Wisconsin.

Not only that, but he also gave back to the game he loved by coaching the Spartans football program as a volunteer.

Unfortunately, we bid farewell to this remarkable man on February 25, 2024.

Steve Okoniewski Obituary

It’s with a heavy heart that we share the news of Steve Okoniewski’s passing.

Steve, a former Montana Grizzly football All-American, left us at the age of 74, as confirmed by the University of Montana.

Steve was not only a legendary figure in the football world but also made a lasting impact as an educator and a state-champion high school football coach in Montana and Wisconsin.

His journey, marked by a six-year NFL career, reflects a life of dedication, resilience, and mentorship.

Former Griz All-American Steve Okoniewski Died At The Age 74
Former Griz All-American Steve Okoniewski Died At The Age 74 (Source: Montana Football Hall of Fame)

As we remember Steve’s remarkable contributions to the sporting world and education, our thoughts and condolences go out to his family during this difficult time.

May his legacy continue to inspire and resonate with all who had the privilege of knowing him.

Our thoughts are with his family during this tough time. Steve’s legacy, a blend of sportsmanship and teaching, will be remembered fondly.

Former NFL Player Wife & Kids

Steve Okoniewski, the former NFL player turned principal, has crafted a remarkable journey blending sports and education.

Beyond the gridiron, he found a life partner in Susan, his second wife. However, details about his first wife are unknown.

The love story of Steve and Susan Okoniewski began during Steve’s early years in Green Bay, where Susan now dedicates herself to teaching special education classes at Pulaski High School.

Together, they share the joy of parenting two daughters, one a junior majoring in Spanish at Wisconsin-Madison and the other navigating her second year at UCLA Law School.

Former Montana Grizzly Steve Okoniewski
Former Montana Grizzly Steve Okoniewski (Source: Youtube)

However, Steve also has a daughter from his first marriage named Wendy Tedford.

Their family narrative is woven with moments of triumph, resilience, and a shared love for education.

Steve’s commitment to coaching and molding young minds extends beyond his role as a principal.

His unique blend of humor and wisdom has left an indelible mark on Luxemburg-Casco High School.

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