Stuntman Stu Wife Connie Consuelo: Why Was He Fired?

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A Canadian radio broadcaster, Stuntman Stu has a blissful married life with his wife of 21 years, Connie Consuelo.

Together, the pair has 2 grown-up kids named Matteo and Isabella, with whom they share the joy of family life.

Stu recently made news headlines for being fired from the radio show Move 100.

After his decades-long service in the station, he and many other staff were fired as the radio company suffered loss.

Stuntman Stu Is A Veteran Radio Personality In Canada
Stuntman Stu Is A Veteran Radio Personality In Canada (Source: Instagram)

Stuntman Stu, aka Stu Steward, remained a famous host on the morning show at MOVE 100 in Ottawa.

He began his journey at Algonquin College and later became a big name in the media world.

Before this, Stu hosted shows on BOB-FM and Team 1200 AM.

Further, he also represented Barrhaven Ford and is skilled at being an MC and auctioneer, working at many events, even the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

Stuntman Stu Wife Connie Consuelo

Stu and Connie Consuelo have cherished a profound connection throughout their 21-year marriage, having tied the knot on November 16, 2002.

While the details of their initial encounter remain a mystery, their enduring bond speaks volumes.

Connie is a proud Canadian citizen, with Natalio Bernardi as her father and Wanda as her mother.

Every May 21, she joyously celebrates her birthday.

Stuntman Stu And His Wife, Connie During Their Wedding
Stuntman Stu And His Wife, Connie, During Their Wedding (Source: Instagram)

In her professional life, Connie shines as a radio and TV promo director, earning recognition on various social media platforms.

Her active presence in the public eye showcases not only her professional achievements but also her deep-rooted connection with family.

A devoted mother, Connie takes pride in sharing her children’s academic milestones on her Instagram, offering glimpses into her loving family life.

Beyond the digital world, Connie and her husband, Stu, accompanied by their children Matteo and Isabella, frequently embark on holiday destinations, creating beautiful memories together.

Stuntman Stu Fired: The Surprising Reasons Unveiled 

Stuntman Stu recently became the center of attention after he departed from Move 100 production under Bell Media, where he had been an integral part of the morning show alongside other seasoned staff.

Poor performance or moral lapses did not contribute to their exit.

Reports suggest that the root cause lies within the production house itself.

An internal memo circulated by Bell Media executives Richard Gray and David Daigle last week revealed substantial financial losses, exceeding $40 million, stemming from news operations across Canada.

As a result, the company had to make the difficult decision to reduce its workforce by 9%.

Stuntman Stu Posing For The Camera
Stuntman Stu Posing For The Camera (Source: Instagram)

Despite this setback, Stu remains a remarkable radio personality with decades of entertaining the audience.

There’s speculation that he may soon debut on another formidable platform.

Notably, Stu is not just a seasoned broadcaster but also a fan favorite.

He has made a significant impact by openly sharing his journey, including battles with leukemia and heart attacks, through his radio programs, raising awareness, and connecting with his audience on a deeper level.



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