Surfer Khai Cowley Parents: Father Tim And Mother Kate Cowley

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Late surfer Khai Cowley’s parents, Tim and Kate Cowley, are suffering through the most significant trauma of their lives. 

Recently, the couple lost their 15-year-old son, Khai, a famous junior surfer in Australia. The family is mourning the death, with Khai’s parents meeting the biggest shock in front of their eyes. 

Khai Cowley was involved in the surfing community, with his passion for surfing rooted in a family. His grandfather, Peter Barley, uncle, Adam Barley, and the boy won awards at a recent surfing festival. 

Khai Cowley Is A Late Surfer
Khai Cowley Is A Late Surfer (Source: Instagram)

Being the third generation in the family as a surfer, the boy was highly talented and was popular at a young age. Sadly, he died on 28th December 2023 due to a shark attack.

 As per the reports, Khai became the third person this year and the eighth person to die from a shark attack in the past 22 years in South Australia. 

Khai Cowley Parents 

Khai Cowley’s parents, Tim and Kate Cowley, are not able to explain anything now. They are Australian natives who suddenly rose to prominence after the death of their teenage boy.

While Khai’s grandfather and uncle are involved in surfing, his parents don’t appear to be professionals in the same field.  

However, it has come to our notice that his father, Tim Cowley, also has a passion for surfing. On Thursday, he was with his son, Khai, while they were at Ethel Beach on the Yorke Peninsula West in their hometown, Adelaide. 

Reportedly, the boy died after a massive attack by a giant white shark while surfing. Young Cowley’s body was pulled from the water minutes after the attack near Ethel Beach, located in the Inner National Park.

Khai Cowley
Khai Cowley (Source: Instagram)

The shark bit his leg, and his father, Tim, watched the incident horrifiedly. Insiders revealed that the father-son duo was on a surfing place for a short trip together, about 4 hours away from their residence. 

After the boy’s passing, his family and loved ones remember him. His grandpa explained about the frequent surfing of Uncle Adam and the boy.

Further, the surfing community remembers the late surfer as a courageous and talented kid.

Khai Cowley Family And Their Professional Lives

Cowley’s parents, Tim and Kate Cowley, are not wealthy people. Though not much detail has been given regarding their profession and whereabouts, they seem to have an ordinary lifestyle with sufficient earnings.

Khai Cowley While Surfing
Khai Cowley While Surfing (Source: Instagram)

The late surfer’s aunt, Lauryn Barley, set up a GoFundMe to help Khai’s parents with the funeral. More than 1300 donors collected about $75 thousand till 30th December. 

Also, the locals have decided to organize a peddle-out event in Cowley’s honor, giving him tribute for his life and passion for the sport. 

In addition, The Port Noarlunga Football Club gave a heartfelt message to the family. They wrote, “Khai and his family have been part of our community for many years and we are shattered to hear this news.”



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