Who Is Josie Prendergast? The Viral Surfer Age & Instagram

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Josie May Tokong Prendergast, aka Josie Prendergast, a 23-year-old surfer and model, embodies a captivating blend of Australian and Filipino heritage.

Her roots extend to Spain through her mother’s lineage and embrace the Scottish and Irish origins carried by her father.

She was born on the Philippine island of Siargao, a locale that left an indelible mark on her formative years.

At the tender age of four, Josie embarked on a transformative journey, relocating with her family—comprising her two brothers, Mike and Bernie, and her devoted parents—to the sun-kissed shores of Byron Bay, Australia.

Viral Surfer Josie Prendergast
Viral Surfer Josie Prendergast (Source: Instagram)

A serendipitous alignment with the ocean’s rhythms defined her upbringing, both in her native Philippines and her adopted homeland, Australia.

Josie strives to maintain a profound connection to her roots, frequently returning to the Philippines, typically every two years, to nurture her affinity for the place that shaped her.

Born into a sprawling maternal family of eleven siblings, Josie’s familial tapestry boasts a vast network on her mother’s side.

In contrast, her father’s side stands as a more intimate unit of two.

An unmistakable sense of gratitude permeates her narrative, underpinned by the privilege of being raised in the idyllic embrace of Byron Bay and the chance to frequently revisit her cherished Siargao.

Who Is Josie Pendergast? The Viral Surfer Age & Instagram

Josie May Tokong Prendergast was born in 2001 on Siargao Island. 

The initiation of Josie’s love affair with the waves occurred at Broken Head, the tender age of 7, finding her perched atop her first ever wave.

Yet, it wasn’t until the cusp of 11 that her infatuation truly blossomed into a fervent passion for surfing.

Navigating the early stages on compact boards, her journey inevitably led her to embrace the grace of longboarding, a union that ignited an enduring ardor.

Guided by her father’s tutelage and encompassed by the ocean’s rhythmic allure, Josie’s familial bond with surfing seemed an organic destiny.

Josie Surfing
Josie Surfing (Source: Instagram)

Josie’s wellspring of inspiration reads like a gallery of surfing luminaries, each figure a testament to her passion’s depth.

She draws from the profound influence of trailblazers such as Lauren Hill, whose artistry resonates through her approach to the waves.

The graceful finesse exuded by Stephanie Gilmore serves as a constant beacon, reminding Josie of the heights her dedication can achieve.

Kelia Moniz’s embodiment of joyful authenticity infuses Josie’s journey with vibrancy, while Leah Dawson’s daring spirit fuels her own pursuit of uncharted swells.

Josie Pendergast Career

In the current chapter of her life, Josie balances her roles as a burgeoning surfer and a sought-after model for the iconic brand, Billabong—a dream that once seemed a distant reverie.

Her remarkable journey now involves traversing the globe, her surfboard a constant companion, in the company of the inspiring visionaries that underpin the Billabong brand.

This collaboration has brought to life an awe-inspiring experience fueled by her innate talent and shared aspirations.

Age & Instagram

Born in 2001, Josie currently stands at 23 years of age in 2024.

Her online presence has ignited a significant following, amassing a remarkable 212k followers on Instagram alone.

This digital prominence underscores her impact and the resonance of her engaging content.

Jose As A Kid
Jose As A Kid (Source: Instagram)

Beyond her prowess as a surfer, Josie extends her talents into the realm of modeling.

Her Instagram feed is a captivating tapestry woven with threads of surfing, modeling, and heartwarming glimpses into her familial bonds.

This multifaceted approach not only showcases her professional versatility but also offers a window into the personal facets that enrich her journey.

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