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Susana Abundiz Wikipedia: Excelling in the realms of sports, business, and sales, Susana boasts a diverse portfolio in her young life.

As the first two-time champion of the American reality show, “Exatlón Unidos,” Susana wrote her name in the history books in 2024.

However, scouring the depths of her personal life, we can find one of the most distinct and captivating stories.

Mexican Icon Susana Abundiz
Mexican Icon Susana Abundiz (Source: Instagram)

Susana Abundiz is a famous North American personality who has succeeded in athletics and corporate fields.

A hard worker with a never-say-die attitude, her story is one of versatility, adaptability, and bravery.

She has a personal and professional life narrative distinct from anyone else, with a lot of morals for the public.

Susana Abundiz Wikipedia

To begin with, Susana comes from El Paso, Texas. However, her original roots are from Mexico.

A graduate of Canutillo High School, she was a star soccer player from a young age, even named MVP and Offensive Player of the Year as a senior.

Commencing this, she would join Northwestern Oklahoma State University as a student-athlete.

She mostly played in the offensive positions as a midfielder or a striker in soccer.

Proving her versatility and adaptability, she also featured in track and field activities. She enrolled in the University of West Georgia for her senior year of college.

She went on to earn an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Management.

Susana is a multi-faceted personality who has succeeded in sports, corporate, business, and reality TV.

Additionally, she has volunteered as a coach for El Paso’s local women’s teams, giving back to soccer.

Susana Played Soccer In High School And College
Susana Played Soccer In High School And College (Source: Pinterest)

Furthermore, she has worked as a Spanish teacher in her college. Perhaps the crown jewel of her corporate resume is working for almost three years at State Farm.

Other roles in her corporate portfolio include working as an insurance agent and sales representative.

Her achievements do not stop here, as she has also ventured into the realm of reality TV game shows.

She is the only person in the long-running All-Stars Exathlon TV show to win the title twice.

Winning the reality show in its sixth and eighth editions, she has proved her physical fitness and tenacity.

To summarize, Susana is a diverse personality who carves a niche in every field she enters.

Proving that success is not limited to only one field, she inspires people to be fearless and chase their dreams.

Her Age, Family, And More

Susana was born to her parents, Hector and Diana Abundiz. She is of Hispanic background and has her roots in Mexico.

She is currently 30 years old, having been born on August 8, 1993.

A testament to her talent, determination, and hard work, she has achieved so much in diverse fields at such a tender age.

Susana Frequently Shares Pictures With Friends And Family On Instagram
Susana Frequently Shares Pictures With Friends And Family On Instagram (Source: Instagram)

She also has three siblings, Diana, Hector, and Michelle. Based on her social media presence, she appears to be an extrovert who prefers spending quality time with friends and family.

From her initial days as a talented high school athlete to her recent achievements as a champion in reality TV shows, she has consistently demonstrated remarkable commitment, hard work, and versatility.

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