Tashaun Gipson Wife McKenna: Married Life & Kids

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Tashaun Gipson thought that his NFL career was over in 2022, and he was planning a post-football life with his wife and children until a ray of hope arrived from San Francisco.

The San Francisco 49ers safety Tashaun Gipson’s career has gone from the lows of near-retirement to the big lights of the Super Bowl 2024.

Accompanying him in this tumultuous journey is his supportive family, which includes his wife and children.

49ers Safety Tashaun Gipson
49ers Safety Tashaun Gipson (Source: ESPN)

Tashaun Gipson plays as a safety for the Super Bowl-bound San Francisco 49ers. He was born in Texas and attended the University of Wyoming in their football program.

In April 2012, he secured a three-year deal with the Cleveland Browns following his non-selection in the 2012 NFL Draft.

In a decade-long NFL career, he has played for the Browns, Jaguars, Texans, Bears and the 49ers.

Tashaun Gipson Wife McKenna

Tashaun shares a loving family with his wife, McKenna, and their three lovely children. 

The couple’s children are Tashaun Jr., Nala, and Jett. Tashaun Jr. is the eldest of the three.

As he navigates the competitive world of the NFL, Tashaun has his wife as an unwavering pillar of support and motivation.

The life of an NFL player is full of ups and downs, and a trustworthy partner goes a long way. That is precisely what Tashaun has in the form of his wife.

Notably, he chooses to keep information about McKenna under wraps. Perhaps recognizing the ill effects that unnecessary social media attention can bring to an athlete’s life, Tashaun is a wise head.

While he does share pictures with his kids on Instagram, he never posts about his wife.

Tashaun Shares Pictures With His Children On Instagram
Tashaun Shares Pictures With His Children On Instagram (Source: Instagram)

Undoubtedly, McKenna chooses to keep her life away from the limelight of the mainstream media.

Being the wife of an NFL star can bring unnecessary eyes into one’s personal life and disrupt her lifestyle.

That could be a significant reason why Tashaun and McKenna remain private regarding their relationship.

However, it is no secret that McKenna has been a supportive partner in Tashaun’s life. This can be illustrated by the San Francisco Chronicle article, which talks about his near-exit from the league in 2022.

His 49ers Contract

As aforementioned, Tashaun started planning his post-football life with his wife and children in 2022.

As the off-season was going on, he was without an NFL contract, and all seemed to be over for the safety. Subsequently, he noticed other veterans had also started retiring early.

“The game of football has passed so many guys by. You look up and say, ‘Man, I didn’t know that guy retired.”

In a candid moment, he had revealed his plans to become a stay-at-home dad with his wife, McKenna, and three children.

Subsequently, Gipson was signed up by the San Francisco 49ers. A career in the doldrums went to one of the biggest NFL franchises in just an eye-blink.

Tashaun Signed For The 49ers In 2022
Tashaun Signed For The 49ers In 2022 (Source: Bleacher Report)

What is fascinating is that he was initially signed as a backup safety. Following a severe injury to Jimmie Ward, Tashaun started featuring in the team.

Subsequently, his performances have been so good that he has become a mainstay in the team ever since.

Adding even more feel-good factor, the player who was about to head off to the horizon and spend a retired life with his wife not so long ago will play in the Super Bowl 2024.

Needless to say, Tashaun is grateful for the opportunity and has grabbed it with open arms.

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