How Many Tattoo Does Aleix Espargaro Have? Their Meaning And Design

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Aleix Espargaro tattoo has been catching the attention of his supporters recently. Espargaro has 11 tattoos that have different meanings.

Aleix Espargaro Villa is a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle road racer born in Granollers, Spain, on July 30, 1989.

Aleix Getting Ready For The Race
Aleix Getting Ready For The Race (Source: Instagram)

The racer was the International Champion of the 2004 Spanish FIM CEV 125cc with 88 points, including two podiums at Circuito del Jarama.

Aleix had his breakthrough in the 2014 MotoGP with Forward Yamaha. In 2014, he finished the championship, placing 7th and a 2nd place finish in Aragon, which was the season’s highlight.

His impressive performance during that championship helped him move to the factory Suzuki team in 2015.

In 2006, the racer moved to the 250cc class of Grand Prix Motorcycle Championship racing from the 125cc class.

Currently, Espargaro is competing for the Aprilia Racing team in MotoGP. He started to compete for Aprilia Racing in 2017 and extended his contract for 2023 and 2024 on May 26, 2022.

Aleix Espargaro Tattoo

Aleix Espargaro has 11 tattoos in total. On his right hand, he has two tattoos: one between his thumb and index finger, writing “full gas,” and one on his index finger, “brake.”

The racer wrote, quoting that Life is about FULL GAS! (But sometimes it is Good to hit the Brake when things are getting out of control) 

On his right hand, he has a heart-shaped tattoo where he has written the initials of his children and wife.

Similarly, on the arm, Aleix has inked heartbeat and Hakuna Matata.

The racer has imprinted “clutch” on the index finger of his left hand. Also, on the wrist of his left hand, he has a tattoo of a date to remember his first success with Aprilia.

Aleix Espargaro Getting Inked
Aleix Espargaro Getting Inked (Source: Instagram)

Villa has two other tattoos on his left arm: one is 41, his number, and another is the eyes of his wife as a tribute to his wife on Valentine’s Day.

In addition to that, Espargaro has a bicycle tattoo on his right thigh, symbolizing his passion for cycling.

Also, on the right thigh, he has inked a quote from a popular movie featuring the late Heath Ledger, “Why so serious?” This indicates that the motorcycle road racer is a fan of the actor and movie.

Lastly, Aleix has a “Believe in Yourself” tattoo on his left rib.

Aleix Espargaro Beef With Marc Marquez

In March 2023, the six-time MotoGP champion Marc Marquez crashed into Aprilia’s Miguel Oliveira at the Portuguese MotoGP.

Aleix demanded a one-race ban after the crash and suggested that the Repsol Honda racer should be called out for frequently being involved in similar incidents.

But Marquez hit back at criticism and said, “Mistakes happen if you ride at the front for 15 years.”

Back in 2022, Aleix had made a statement regarding Marquez’s crash at Portimao and was confused why other riders don’t dare to question him.

Esparagaro highlighted the quantity of incidents that involve Marquez compared to other riders. He even hinted that Marc is treated differently.

Esparagaro previously showed his frustration regarding Marquez’s crash. In 2021, he expressed his anger with MotoGP stewards after Marquez was not penalized for a Turn 1 collision in the Styrian Grand Prix.

Wife And Kids

Aleix Espargaro was in a relationship for around eight years with Laura Montero before settling down with her.

Laura Montero was born on April 24, 1990, in Andorra. Montero is a freelance architect and has worked with various reputed firms like ArchDesign and Estudio Trazo Arquitetura.

Aleix Espargaro With His Wife And Kids
Aleix Espargaro With His Wife And Kids(Source: Instagram)

Laura is successful as a mother, wife, and businesswoman and is ranked among the most popular architects.

The couple shared the vows in Barcelona on August 23, 2014. They welcomed their twins, a daughter named Mia and son Max, on June 5, 2018.

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