Taylor McGregor Age And Wikipedia: More On Her Net Worth

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Well-renowned college football and XFL sideline reporter for ESPN, Taylor McGregor’s age is 33 years old. Additionally, sports fans are also interested in her net worth and Wikipedia details.

As one of the well-known faces of ESPN sports broadcasting, people are curious about Taylor McGregor’s personal and professional life details. 

The college football reporter is heart-warming, witty, charming, and talented and has won the hearts of football fans all over.

Taylor McGregor At OSU Game
Taylor McGregor At OSU Game (Source: Instagram)

Taylor’s hometown is Colorado, United States. Apart from football, she is also the host of Marquee Sports Network in Chicago. She reports on Chicago Cubs’ matches in Major League Baseball (MLB) there.

Taylor comes from a family with sports and football in their DNA, as her father, Keli McGregor, played in the NFL. Additionally, her mother’s name is Lori McGregor.

Taylor McGregor Age, Wikipedia, And More

As mentioned earlier, Taylor’s age is presently 33 years old. We can report that her date of birth is May 17, 1990. 

It is a testament to her talent and presenting ability that she has made big strides in broadcasting at a relatively young age.

Academically, she graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Broadcasting. As for her High School, she attended Golden High in Colorado.

The talented journalist started her career as a TV News anchor in a small town market in Denver. Since then, she has been a multi-faceted reporter involved in College Football, XFL, and MLB.

Taylor Reporting For The Chicago Cubs
Taylor Reporting For The Chicago Cubs (Source: Instagram)

By all indications, Taylor is also a philanthropist and believes in serving the community. Post-college, she started reaching out to people and did volunteer work at a local hospital in Wyoming.

In terms of her dating life, she is single and is unmarried. However, in an interview, she revealed she likes tall guys and has high standards for dating. The reporter is 5’10” tall.

As for her social media presence, she is active on Instagram(@taylor_mcgregor). She shares pictures of her friends, family, and game-day snaps. Currently, she resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Taylor McGregor Parents

As mentioned earlier, her dad was an NFL star for the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts. Sadly, he passed away in 2010, when Taylor was a 17-year-old junior at Golden High.

Keli McGregor - Taylor McGregor Father
Keli McGregor – Taylor McGregor Father (Source: The Denver Post)

Losing her father at such a tender age has instilled grit and determination in Taylor as she navigates the competitive and cut-throat world of sports broadcasting.

In a 2018 sit-down podcast with The Denver Post, she reminisced about how everyone in the community loved and respected her father.

Taylor’s mother, Lori McGregor, has also been an integral part of her life and a key pillar of support. The life lessons she has learned from her parents played a key role in Taylor’s personal and professional life.

What Is Taylor McGregor’s Net Worth?

Taylor Mcgregor’s net worth is also a major topic of fan interest. As one of the most skilled journalists in the scene, Taylor has managed to amass a lot of fame and fortune. 

Her net worth is around the $2 million mark by most estimates. A large chunk of her net worth can be accredited to her successful reporting career, which has spanned over a decade.

Taylor McGregor In The Sidelines
Taylor McGregor In The Sidelines (Source: Instagram)

Working for notable companies like ABC, ESPN, and AT&T has also boosted her overall net worth.

Undoubtedly, Taylor’s talent, skill, and presenting ability will surely take her to even newer heights in the sports broadcasting realm.

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