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Teal Piper, the professional wrestler, was engaged to her soon-to-be husband, Deimos, in December 2020 in the middle of the ring at a Florida independent wrestling event. Teal and Deimos are a power couple in the wrestling world. 

Ariel Teal Toombs is an American actress and professional wrestler widely recognized by her ring name, Teal Piper. She was born June 7, 1985, to a renowned professional wrestler and actor, Roddy Piper (father) and Kitty Toombs (mother).

Before appearing in wrestling, Teal worked in the entertainment industry and debuted in the 2006 film Shut Up and Shoot!

She also appeared alongside her father in the films Lights Out and The Portal.

Teal Piper
Wrestler Teal Piper (Source: Instagram)

In 2019, she made her professional wrestling debut under the ring name “Teal Piper” and participated in a Casino Battle Royale at the All Out pay-per-view event with All Elite Wrestling.

Ever since she debuted in wrestling, she has competed for various independent wrestling promotions, often teaming up with her fiance Deimos as “House of Heathens.”

Recently on January 2023, Piper made a return to AEW, teaming with Rebel Kel in a match against Anna Jay A.S. and Tay Melo, which resulted in a loss on an episode of AEW Dark.

Teal Piper Husband Deimos

Michael Anderson, known as “Deimos” in the wrestling industry, is a highly accomplished American professional wrestler, model, and actor with an impressive track record.

Michael’s journey in professional wrestling began with his unofficial debut on WWE’s SmackDown in 2006.

Since then, he has been working as an extra for WWE and has also made a name for himself in various other organizations, earning several titles and accolades.

Teal Piper And Deimos
Teal Piper And Deimos (Source: Instagram)

Michael is not only skilled in wrestling but is also an exceptional academic. He received recognition as an All-American during his high school years.

As a result, he got a full scholarship to attend the esteemed Oxford University. There, he pursued his love for Greek and Roman Mythology.

Couple In Wrestling

As a couple in wrestling, Teal Piper and Deimos have wrestled for various independent promotions in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi as House of Heathens.

The couple recently made their debut in Ring of Honor. Teal debuted at the Universal Studios event on Sunday, June 4, against Diamante.

Her match against Diamante demonstrated her potential and showcased her impressive skills as she embraced the wrestling ring for the first time.

Before her own match, Teal Piper joined Deimos as he entered the ring to go head-to-head with Nick Comoroto.

Relationship Timeline

Teal Piper and Deimos are one of the most-loved and famous couples in the wrestling world. As discussed by Piper in an interview with The Wrestling Inc., their love story began in March 2020 when they met at the LA Fan Fest.

At that time, both Teal and Michael were dealing with their respective health issues: Teal was preparing for knee reconstruction surgery, while Michael had recently undergone significant neck surgery.

Their initial connection stemmed from their shared passion for wrestling, and they began chatting about their mutual interest. The relationship progressed with the COVID-19 pandemic as the couple got to spend more time together. 

Teal Piper And Deimos
Power Couple Teal Piper And Deimos (Source: Instagram)

The story of how Deimos proposed to Piper inside the ring is extraordinary, for sure. Now that the couple is engaged, fans can’t wait to hear the wedding bells ring.  

Both Piper and Deimos share lovely pictures and captions on their social media handles, expressing their love for each other. In an Instagram post made by Deimons on Valentine’s Day, he referred to Piper as his soulmate, best friend, and partner in crime.

Just like her fiance, Piper also takes to Instagram to proudly expresses her love and admiration for her fiance. She considers herself lucky to have him in her life. 

WWE legend Rowdy Roddy Piper

Teal Piper is the daughter of Legendary WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper. Roderick George Toombs, famously known as “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, was a renowned Canadian professional wrestler, amateur wrestler, and actor.

He gained worldwide recognition for his contributions to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) and World Championship Wrestling from 1984 to 2000.

He sadly died in the year 2015 at the age of 61 due to hypertension, listing a pulmonary embolism causing a heart attack.

Roddy And Teal Piper
Teal Piper And Her Father (Source: Showbiz)

After the passing of her father, Teal Piper made the decision to follow in his footsteps and pursue a career in wrestling.

In an interview, Teal revealed that while she had always admired sports growing up, she had never seriously considered entering the world of wrestling until her father’s untimely death.

His absence inspired her to embrace her family’s wrestling legacy and honor her father’s memory by stepping into the ring herself.

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