Teddy Atlas Father Theodore And Mother Mari Atlas Are His Motivation

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Born on July 29, 1956, father Theodore and mother Mari are the parents of Teddy Atlas.

Teddy’s father is of Hungarian Jewish ancestry, and his mother is of Irish descent.

Atlas’s parents have played an instrumental role in his upbringing, shaping his character and fostering a strong, supportive foundation.

Teddy Atlas posing for a picture
Teddy Atlas Posing For A Picture (Source: Alchetron.com)

Atlas is a well-respected boxing trainer since 1976, who faced challenges and rebellious youth, dropping out of school and encountering legal issues, which shaped his transformative journey.

After sustaining a severe facial injury in a Stapleton street fight, he showcased resilience by overcoming a 400-stitch wound, resulting in a distinctive scar.

Under the mentorship of Hall of Fame trainer Cus D’Amato, Atlas transitioned from amateur boxer to trainer due to a back injury.

While assisting D’Amato at the Catskill Boxing Club, a conflict with Mike Tyson in 1982 led to Atlas’ departure.

The pinnacle of Atlas’ training career occurred when he guided Michael Moorer to the 1994 world heavyweight title, highlighting his impact despite criticism for impassioned speeches. 

Apart from training, Atlas served as a boxing commentator for ESPN and contributed to NBC’s Olympic Games coverage.

Moreover, he played a notable role in the film “Triumph of the Spirit” and established the Dr. Theodore Atlas Foundation in 1997.

Teddy Atlas Parents: Father Theodore And Mother Mari Atlas

Atlas grew up in a wealthy area of Staten Island, New York City, New York, alongside his mother, Mary Riley Atlas, and father, Theodore.

He was raised in his mother’s Catholic faith and spent summers with his family’s friends in Spring Lake, New Jersey.

Teddy Atlas Father: Theodore Atlas

Teddy Atlas parents, father Theodore, was a doctor by profession.

He was not only a dedicated general practitioner but also a compassionate humanitarian with a big heart, extending his assistance to needy families.

Dr. Theodore Atlas, respected for his medical expertise, made house calls even in his later years, exemplifying a commitment to both medicine and philanthropy.

Teddy Atlas poses for a photo
Teddy Atlas Poses For A Photo (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Dr. Atlas, of Hungarian Jewish ancestry, married Teddy’s mother, Mari Riley Atlas, a former participant in the Miss America pageant system and a professional model.

Building a comfortable life, Theodore established himself as a respected and well-known figure in Staten Island, where he resided with his family. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 88.

Teddy Atlas Continues Father Theodore Legacy

Renowned boxing trainer Teddy Atlas, ahead of the upcoming bout between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr., revealed the profound influence of his father, Dr. Theodore Atlas.

Dr. Atlas, a respected humanitarian in Staten Island, New York, was a dedicated general practitioner known for making house calls even in his later years.

His commitment extended to accepting trade payments from needy families and performing free tonsillectomies for uninsured children.

Teddy Atlas does a goofy pose for the camera
Teddy Atlas Does A Goofy Pose For The Camera (Source: Instagram)

Teddy underscores the debt he owes to his father, who played a pivotal role in his entry into boxing. Dr. Atlas financed Teddy’s stay with legendary trainer Cus D’Amato, shaping Teddy’s journey into becoming a trainer himself.

The boxing luminary emphasizes that each fight he trains for is a way of repaying the debt to his late father, who passed away at 88 just weeks before Teddy achieved a career milestone by training Michael Moorer to a heavyweight title in 1994.

Theodore’s legacy lives on through the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Teddy.

The foundation, now in its 20th year, directly channels funds to those in need, reflecting Dr. Atlas’s commitment to humanitarian causes.

The annual Teddy Dinner, a fundraising event, has grown substantially over the years, attracting prominent figures from the local sports community.

Teddy’s dedication to honoring his father’s legacy extends beyond the ring, emphasizing the deeply personal and ethical dimensions of his role as a trainer as he sees each victory in the ring as a way of keeping his father’s contributions and values alive.


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