Tennessee Thresher Net Worth And Boyfriend: Is She Dating Danny Aarons?

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Tennessee Thresher has a new boyfriend, Danny Aarons, following a split with British rapper Digga D.

Her relationship with Danny Aarons was confirmed after he posted a photo of them together on his Instagram story.

Social Media Influencer Tennessee Thresher
Social Media Influencer Tennessee Thresher (Source: Instagram)

Tennessee Thresher was born in Surrey, England, on November 5, 2000. Since 2017, she has been making waves in the modeling industry.

Moreover, her social media profiles are filled with stunning shots of her in captivating locations, showcasing her in some seriously stylish branded outfits.

Furthermore, she has partnered with Muse, a premier UK agency specializing in marketing, talent, and production.

Her creativity and passion for fashion are undeniable, as demonstrated by her collaboration with Missy Empire in 2018.

She said about the partnership then: “I have designed every piece with curves and sexy vibes in mind.”

Now, as a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova, she eagerly shares her passion for fashion with a broader audience.

Tennessee Thresher Boyfriend & Net Worth

Tennessee Thresher, a talented Instagram sensation, is estimated to have a net worth of $500k.

She primarily relies on social media and modeling for reputable brands as her main sources of income.

However, no definitive source confirms her net worth; various online platforms only provide estimates.

Tennessee Thresher With His Boyfriend Danny Aarons
Tennessee Thresher With His Boyfriend Danny Aarons (Source: Instagram)

She is in a relationship with the famous YouTuber Danny Aarons, known for gaining fame on the platform by creating FIFA-related videos.

Tennessee and Danny were flirting seamlessly on Footasylum’s Locked In, a show where influencers are confined to a house for 14 days without access to their phones, social media, and privacy.

Their followers frequently comment on their relationship across various social media platforms.

On Reddit, Danny’s fans express enthusiasm for their relationship, creating numerous memes about the couple.

Today, a TikTok video featuring the couple has gone viral, amassing over 9.5 million views.

The couple’s journey has sparked significant excitement; many are eager to see where it leads.

Boxing Career

In May of 2023, Thresher started her boxing career by fighting singer Paigey Cakey (real name Paige Meade).

The fight occurred on Saturday, May 13, 2023, as part of the Misfit Boxing MF & DAZN X Series 7 at the OVO Arena in Wembley, London.

The two had been involved in a heated online feud for weeks, with them insulting each other on their social media platforms.

Although Meade won the fight unanimously, Thresher acknowledged her victory in her YouTube video.

Tennessee Thresher Before Her Match With Paigey Cakey
Tennessee Thresher Before Her Match With Paigey Cakey (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, boxing has had a positive impact on Tennessee’s life. She mentioned losing weight during training, going from 62 kg to 54 kg.

Thresher had shared on her TikTok that Meade’s girlfriend had allegedly been flirting with her while the three were filming for the Spill The Juice podcast in March.

Regarding the incident, rapper Meade said Thresher was trying to “tarnish” her relationship and called her a “clout chaser.”

In April 2023, Thresher appeared on Billy The Goat’s YouTube podcast Unprovoked to discuss her career and upcoming boxing match.

Tennessee stated that she intends to pursue her boxing career further.

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