Terry Rozier Brother B.J. Carter & Sister Tre’Dasia Tucker

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Newly recruited Miami Heat shooting guard Terry Rozier comes from a supportive family with a responsible younger brother and a sister from whom he draws great inspiration.

Terry Rozier has built a stellar reputation as a reliable shooting guard in the NBA fan circle.

Behind the scenes of his NBA success are his family and siblings, standing as an unwavering pillar of support.

New Miami Star Terry Rozier
New Miami Star Terry Rozier (Source: ESPN)

Terry Rozier, NBA shooting guard for the Miami Heat, joined the league as a first-round draft pick in 2015.

Attending Louisville College, his excellent performances caught the eye of the Boston Celtics, the team who drafted him.

He featured for the Charlotte Hornets most recently before his trade to Miami in January 2024.

Terry Rozier Brother B.J. Carter

Talking about Terry’s siblings, he has a younger brother named B.J. Carter. Following in the footsteps of his brother, B.J. is also involved with the sport of basketball.

Attending Richmond High School, he was a prominent name in their basketball setup.

Undoubtedly, he learned invaluable lessons from the NBA star Terry with a mentorship rooted in familial bond and shared passion for the game.

Terry Rozier And Siblings
Terry Rozier And Siblings (Source: Instagram)

But the fascinating story about B.J. lies beyond the basketball court. He assumed house responsibilities as Terry ventured to other cities for his NBA pursuits.

Especially since his father was behind bars for much of his formative years, he learned to be the man of the house.

A testament to his bravery and morality, he learned to care for his ill younger sister while navigating high school as a student-athlete.

Terry is full of praise and gratitude for his display of maturity and responsibility at such a tender age.

Sister Tre’Dasia Tucker

The story of his sister, Tre’Dasia, is one of bravery, courage, and fighting spirit. Her mother, Gina Tucker, was just 16 years old when she gave birth to her.

Subsequently, she was weighed at just 2 pounds and 14 ounces at birth. She was not able to breathe on her own and had to be hooked up to monitors.

Consequently, the doctors diagnosed her with cerebral palsy, a developmental disorder seen in infants.

Furthermore, they did not expect her to live more than two months. Fortunately, defying all odds, Tre’Dasia won her battle against the disorder.

However, she would require subsequent surgeries and care from her family members in her formative years.

Terry took on a protective role for his sister in his teenage years. He assisted her after surgeries, helping with tasks like turning her over and getting her dressed.

During family outings, he often carried her on his shoulders.

Terry And His Sister Grew Up In Ohio
Terry And His Sister Grew Up In Ohio (Source: The Boston Globe)

In a candid interview, Terry revealed how his sister was a source of inspiration for him in his sporting ventures.

Undoubtedly, he learned about fighting spirit and a never-say-die attitude from his sister. 

“I cannot imagine how she must have felt sometimes when she is in her room and cannot go out and be a normal kid, but she inspired me with how she handled things.”

On the other hand, Tre’Dasia has triumphed over challenges and achieved more than many doctors initially expected. However, she wants to emphasize that her journey has not been easy.

“I would love to be around people who have the same challenges as me, and I want to be a motivator for them.”

She has a humanitarian spirit and wants to help other kids going through the same hurdles as she did.

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